Magazine Weekend: Fitness Magazine Jan ’10

So now that we are back in full swing at MOJ, I am at the ready with plenty a Magazine Weekend mention for how to keep your winter full of tips and minimize your lack of knowledge on beauty and… warmth.

When I was younger, I couldn’t understand how I would be going out with friends and would find others wearing a simple hoodie, or a light jacket and I was the one standing looking like the Michellin man with my bubble jacket, mittens, ear muffs, a hat, ski looking pants, and more. How were these people not immediately transforming into icicles? Then I got older.

Between meeting the honey (who always looks like he needs to be wearing 2 more jackets but is actually nearly always warm), and observing others, I have learned the tricks to layering clothes without looking like a bear, as well as feeling like a twig about to fly away and freeze.

MOJ Magazine Weekend to my favorite winter jacket, I can skip the second step in this tip from Fitness Magazine‘s January issue and wear a butter soft long sleeve top (my favorites are the super thin cotton 3/4 sleeve tops at Uniqlo) under my jacket. But I will make sure to use this tip when I am trying to look extra cute with my feather light trench coats (which have no inkling of warmth). The best part about all this (other than being warm)? You can make use of all your fancy summer tees, your fall cardigans, and your winter jackets! Talk about seasonless attire!

I’d also check out the rest of the magazine if I were you. They have great fitness pointers, a chart about how effective your working out is if you are alone, at home, with a friend, etc. Some other great info? I learned whether or not you can really lose weight the day before an event, and which snow activities burn the most calories (how do you feel about sledding)?

How do you layer?

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