Nail Polish is Once Removed

My Own JudgeI have had this product in my possession for a while now and am finally putting it to good use. Being a nail polish fan, sometimes I carry up to five bottles of color on me and when the mood strikes I expect to be able to do a mani on the fly, or remove it just as fast.

Whenever I wanted to do that, the method was simply running to a dollar store or drugstore for the cheapest nail polish remover. This of course had to end because I was amassing more bottles than a whole salon may need, and also because of the bulkiness. Can’t be cute with a large size remover bottle in the purse!

I visited my Rite Aid and purchased Once Removed Nail Polish Remover. This little jewel was interesting because it looks a bit bigger than a normal polish bottle, and the remover applicator is a polish brush as well. It cost me $4.39, but check out the rest of what I think about that after the jump.

Please read the important notice at the end of this post if planning to purchase this product.

I used a strong red color to test out the effectiveness of the product. Put out into main distribution in 2000, Once Removed is described as “the only brush-on, wipe-off polish remover on the market.”

The product is applied with a brush. After a 15-second wait, nails can be wiped clean with a cotton pad and are ready for repainting. Once Removed has appeal because users will not need to touch the solution, says SMS LABS Inc (the manufacturer). It’s neater and provides an easier way to correct the smudges and smears of home manicures.

My first attempt with a cotton pad left my nails a mess. The cotton pulled away into little pieces and left my nail looking a clumpy mess. I found that this product works best with a tissue.

With your nail polish ready for removal, use the brush to apply the product on each nail. It applies a bit like water and I like to make it a medium thick layer on the nail (thin layers don’t pull enough polish off). I like to apply it to all the fingers first and by the time I reach my pinky, the 15 seconds you have to wait has passed. Use a tissue to wipe off the polish from your nails. I have found that if you have multiple coats of polish on, you may need to repeat the removal process. For example, my mani was done with three coats:

My Own Judge

You don’t need more than one tissue, and when removing, don’t use excessive force. This is what your nails look like once you apply the product. I used the tissue to clean up the brush so that the remover in the bottle doesn’t start to get murky from polish leftovers.

My Own Judge

Three coats and one swipe is what brings you this photo. As you can probably imagine, I was wiping the polish off the nail in one long stroke and so the main part of the nail cleaned was the center.

My Own Judge
It takes a couple of attempts for me because I want every single ounce of polish gone when I am using remover. This is a great product for on the go removal for me though.

Pros: Portable, and compact, this is the only product of it’s kind that I know of. It is also affordable and doesn’t require touching the remover. I like to do my own nails so sometimes I am peeved to fix a nail only to find that the cotton pad with remover ruined my other hand, or if I have to specifically do my pedi first so that I don’t ruin my mani when removing polish. Another big plus for me? It doesn’t have that acetone stink to it.

Cons: Now this is a big one. If you are interested in purchasing this product, READ THIS first!! While researching this product, to place a link for purchase, I have found out that this product contains GBL, a “precursor” to the drug GHB, which apart from being highly addictive and illegal for consumption, has often been used in the date rape drug. There are even instances of people drinking this product to get their fix of the drug. You can read about this here and check out the non-profit Project GHB for more info.

Honestly, this by itself would make me not want to purchase any more. It’s still a bit crazy to me because I had no idea about any of this until I typed the name of the polish remover into Google. Organizations and companies are urged to voluntarily remove this from their shelves and I am not sure if my Rite Aid had this as leftovers or is still stocking their shelves with Once Removed, but like I said, I don’t think I will be a repeating customer.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Nail Polish is Once Removed”

  1. Wow – I cannot believe that a company would include such a dangerous ingredient in one of their product. Thanks for the big warning – I was reading along and thinking: I should get this -until I got to the end!


  2. Yeah I honestly wasn't expecting this either. I think this product is safe to use so long as you keep it for personal use only and make sure to wash your hands after you're done with it. Of course the best use would be no use though.


  3. After is came out that the original formula for Once Removed contained such a dangerous ingredient, the product was pulled from shelves. It later returned to store shelves with a “new and improved” formula, which is most likely what you bought, unless you've had it for several years before you finally used it in Jan. 2010. I'm not sure if any stores are still carrying it, as there is so much bad press attached because of the original formula that it may have been discontinued again even though the new formula is “safe.”


  4. Even if it has an ingredient that is dangerous if the product is drunk, it is good for its intended purpose if not abused. Does anyone know of a location it is currently available from?


  5. This was the best remover I ever used but I can't find it in any store, just online. I used this product for years. After the first few bottles, it didn't work as well. Now I know why- they changed the formula. Thanks for the info. I still would like to purchase it. D.A.


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