LASplash at a Drugstore Near You

MOJ - LASplashThe love story with drugstores and me is that when I wander around aimlessly before my purchase, I am almost always guaranteed to find something new. Either to the market or to just lil’ me. This time around? LASplash. I saw these at a Duane Reade. Bright colored eye liquid eyeliners and equally bright colored mascaras.

If you know me, you also know that I try nearly every color mascara out there because I just adore them. The trick to getting the color to pop is to have a dark eyeliner, and/or using a primer for your lashes or a white mascara. This will make the color pop even more (think about mixing paints: a blue will pop more if added to white than if added to brown).

These babies were $6.49 each but I also found them online at The site has a rewards program that is a bit better than Duane Reade so if you are trying to get the biggest bang for your buck you know what to do. Also – I am not sure if other drugstores carry this brand yet. I know Duane Reade has the least amount of BOGO sales out of all the drugstores I frequent (but I still love it dearly). The mascaras on the site are $4.99 each and the liners are $5.99. If you get up to free shipping, you’re getting them for a bargain. Also? The brand has eyeshadows, lipglosses, lipsticks, and glitter. You can check out their main website here but be warned they sell for $6.99 (but they have a full collection of ALL colors, and a Twilight inspired glitter mascara collection), so choose your battles lol.

MOJ - LASplash

Check out more pictures and swatches below!

MOJ - LASplash
Don’t laugh. You can see me taking the picture in the reflection. I just had to do it though, saw it and out came the camera! These are the mascaras. Peep the black with glitter one on the right!

MOJ - LASplash
These are the liquid eyeliners. I really like the bold colors.

I was in the store looking at every one of these and then opening them up to see what the inside held. The main pet peeve of mine with drugstores is that you rarely get to test the product before you purchase it, and even more rare is the ability to return the product if it’s not a good fit for you. I even had a saleslady come up to me and tell me to stop opening these products and I had to bite my tongue back not to be rude as they ALL said ‘Tester’ on them. Anyhoo, the colors of the mascaras are pretty much the same as the packaging.

Almost all of the mascaras had this brush. I like this kind of brush (also seen on CoverGirl Lash Blast and Chanel Inimitable). Instead of a winding brush it is rubberized with little spokes coming out. I feel like this kind of brush gets the best coverage and the least clump.

And of course only one stinkin’ mascara out of all of them had to be special. The light blue (or Blue Fantasea) is the only one with a different wand. When I checked the Cherry Culture site though, they had way more colors. So I don’t know if the other colors have different wands as well.

For the eyeliner swatches, refer to the image above where I showed toy the liners in their display case. I swatched the colors from left to right.

MOJ - LASplash
These colors are all pretty vibrant, no? I am most impressed with the most right hand green liner with a hint of shimmer.

MOJ - LASplash
This was a smudge test. The bottom smudge was right after application, and the top was after about seven minutes, when I was sure it was dry. As you can see it sticks pretty well, but when you smudge it at first the color leaves in sections instead of blending. This would not be a liquid liner you want to blend with for a look.

MOJ - LASplash
This is after ten hours of wear. I had this on my hand as I finished my holiday shopping the day before Christmas. My honey and his family have a big get together at their house and so of course after weeks and months of procrastinating I was out and about all day. This means that I used lotion and washed my hands with water once. I’d say it’s not great, but not bad either.

I will be doing a more thorough review of these babies soon as I got a couple of both the mascaras and liners to try out for my readers.

On a completely different tangent – when you read their name aren’t you tempted to call them ‘Lash Splash’ instead of LASplash? I know that’s what I’ve been doing!

Have you ever tried LASplash? Seen this in your drugstore? Like the swatches?

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4 thoughts on “LASplash at a Drugstore Near You”

  1. Lol I totally agree with the Lash Splash… infact I did it as soon as I read the post. That is a great find, I haven't seen that in my area. Those colors are great and I've been looking for some colored eyeliner.


  2. @Lipton|Tee – I can't help myself and read it wrong each time lol. I like that they have subtle glitter formulas

    @Rai – I haven't been to Kmart in ages and I don't think we have a Krogers in NY. Will have to keep my eyes out!


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