ME! Bath is all about… Me!

MyOwnJudge - ME Body ScrubDuring my last drugstore window shopping adventure, I was looking for a new body scrub to try out. Sure I had two favorites (probably the same as plenty others in the world – St. Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub and Victoria’s Secret Garden Love Spell Body Scrub), but a little voice in my head said to try something new. I’ve always used my two favorites simultaneously – St. Ives for the weekly scrub, and Victoria’s Secret for the super scrub sessions. The first is softer on the skin and does a general clear-out of the dead skin cells, whereas the latter is grainier and provides a deeper and thorough scrub (it also has some oils in it to moisturize skin – that kind of scrub can leave you dry as ash if not moisturized!).

As I walked the aisles of the new and improved version of the swanky Duane Reade by Bryant Park (not each one is created equal!), I noticed some goodies. Ice cream cones, bath fizz balls, tubs full of scrub reminiscent of sherbet containers. Was I in a candy store? Nope. This was my first encounter with ME! Bath Products. The brand has an interesting approach to skincare, and if you visit the site, you will find that they have an interesting setup for their site as well!

The sample jars had me sample scrubbing and sniffing jar upon jar of innovative flavors scents (Pomegranate and Hawaiian Plumeria and Freesia convince you?). Scrub granules were on the corners of my nose and my hand with no faucet in sight – if you didn’t know me better, I’d look like I had a problem.
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products
Every product has a story, and funny enough, the one I chose is the one they donate a percentage of the sales to benefit Cancer Research. Check it out here!
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products

MyOwnJudge - ME Bath  Products
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products
Check out the list of ingredients:
MyOwnJudge - ME Bath Products

The scrub has a consistency that is a bit thicker than St. Ives but not as rough as Victoria’s Secret. It smells amazing and my skin loves it. My only gripe is that with the price of the scrub, I would’ve liked for it to be in a squeeze bottle, so that I wouldn’t waste too much product by reaching into the tub and getting all greedy-like when getting ready to scrub a dub dub.

What’s your favorite body scrub?

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Armour Lip Gloss

MyOwnJudge Armour Lip GlossTell me when you have a single day of not needing a lip gloss. No go ahead, tell me… I’ll wait. If there are in fact days that I can’t make it for long without my lip gloss, ipod, or cell phone – I feel naked without these! How sad!

If my bag doesn’t have lip products, my money inevitably gets spent on something new. Most of the time it’s on a cheap filler product and other times on a great newbie. The case with this Armour Beauty lipgloss was neither. I was at The Makeup Show (and going to the show, you can surely expect to spend money before you leave) and met the folks behind the company. They had a quaint setup for the product, and the packaging is pretty smooth too. I invested in a single gloss and promised to do a thorough review.¬†

The first major win for me was the packaging. I love a good packaged product y’all. If you’re a regular reader on MOJ, you will know this to be a fact. Great packaging is the way into my wallet and heart!
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Want to know more about the brand? Check out the info from their ‘About’ page:
Armour Lip Gloss
p.s. I’m still figuring out the coding for this darn setup, so instead of having a ‘continue reading’ link, please click on the post title to read the rest! If you know the answer to my dilemma, I’d love to hear it!

MyOwnJudge Armour Lip GlossMyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
The color of choice? Dreaming. I always try to get a shimmery gold tone gloss when I try out lip products. Why? Well, the color is generally a pleasing color to look at on everyone. No matter the skin tone, outfit, makeup, etc. The other reason, equally important, is that this shade is the favorite for Mama Yaya. She is the sole benefactor of the goodies that run through my credit card statements, so I try to purchase the ones she won’t roll her eyes at (unless they’re neons and purples – that’s all for me).
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
The ingredient list
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Though the packaging was snazzy looking, the solid glass (or really tough plastic?) made it seem like I’d be losing out on a lot of quality gloss when it came down to the last ounces. I’d have to find out if it’s microwavable, because then we’d be talking. Another downer? The sponge tip applicator. Brushes and plastic wedge tips work best for not sucking up your product, as well as keeping it minimal on the bacteria end.
MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss MyOwnJudge Armour Lip Gloss
Left image is without gloss and right is with. The left came out a bit blurry, but I didn’t pick up on it until the gloss was on and ready for a close up.

Despite all the cons of the gloss, it is very effective. Being that I bought a shimmer gloss (check out the shimmer and opaque varieties here), I can’t talk much about the color – this baby is clear. The shimmer packs a punch though! It does not, and I mean not budge. Unlike other glosses, this one does not leave you with a glitter mustache. All the goods stay right on the kisser!

The consistency is a bit stickier than I expected, but it’s not a nuisance. The best part of it all was how long the gloss lasted past my drinking iced tea straight from the bottle, munching on snacks, talking, etc. I’d say it stayed on for over three hours, and started to fade after that, though the shimmer stayed for a good five to six.

The glosses retail for $19 so it’s not necessarily perfect for an impulse, ‘forgot my regular gloss’ purchase. You know, unless you got it like that. If you’re looking for a ‘by my side forevermore’ gloss though, I’d suggest you take the gamble.

What gloss is rocking your socks?

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Does your polish have the Perfect Formula?

Perfect Formulas Polish
I’ve said it plenty of times before and I’ll say it again – the best part about writing about products and reviewing them is finding new ones. Sure, if you window shop and surf the net you’ll find a gem or two, but when you come in contact with multiple brands and immerse yourself into the world, it becomes a bit of a treasure hunt. Even during the instances where I don’t find the product fits me, there is usually a method or science to it that becomes my “learn something new for the day.”

Enter Perfect Formulas nail polish. As you may now, I’m a sucker for packaging (and purple) so seeing these babies land on my doorstep was the highlight of the day. Check out what they’ve got to say about themselves:
Perfect Formulas Polish
zPerfect Formulas Polish
The angular shapes of the bottles and the vintage feel of the logo rocks my socks.
Perfect Formulas Polish
The brush seems to be of good quality. Not too thin and not too thick, this is the perfect shape to apply a quick mani on your own or to bring to the salon (but keep your eye on it – they may just grow legs and walk away!). Stay tuned for when I show off my perfect ūüôā NOTD!
Have you tried Perfect Formulas before? Are you interested?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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100% Pure Cosmetics

100 Percent Pure BronzerThe worst part of wandering drugstore cosmetic aisles is the inevitable money you will spend or debt you will force upon yourself (ok maybe that’s just me). Why?

It’s like a Murphy’s Law of Cosmetics, whatever new and interesting product you can find that will be irresistible and beg to come home with you, will be found and will have to come home with you. Such was the case with the 100% Pure Cosmetics counter at Duane Reade (yes them again – I told you – they’re taking over!!).

At first, just the title was enough to tempt me to take the bronzer home and dissect it.

The product testers piqued my interest twice as much after the super duper smooth application one swipe provided. It was a little pricey though for a beauty junkie like me, so rather than gamble on which color would suit my face, I settled on a bronzer. Who goes wrong with another bronzer in their powdery tan arsenal?

100 Percent Pure Bronzer
I had a fab photo shoot with the product. The little bird on my cardstock (my secret to the fab backgrounds! shhh!) made me think of Twitter and landing on a branch to nibble on my new bronzing fave.

When I opened the tin, I found that the cap can be used as a mirror – extra useful for on the go application.

100 Percent Pure Bronzer

100 Percent Pure Bronzer
Alright mad scientists. From what I’m reading, I’m pretty impressed with the ingredient list. You? Let me know!

See that little compact with the 12M towards the bottom? That’s the product life of the pan after you open your product. Neat, huh?

100 Percent Pure Bronzer
Learn more about the bronzer:


100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten free

100% Natural bronzer will give you a warm, beautiful, sun kissed glow instantly from pigments of cocoa, coffee, tomato and berries. Luminescent, light reflective pigments will give you a subtle shimmer. Concentrated with anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and skin nourishing ingredients. Use all over your face and body whenever you desire a sun kissed look

Honey – lightly sun kissed
Brown Sugar- golden sun kissed
Cinnamon – richly sun kissed

100% Natural Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Powdered Pigments of Cacao, Apricot, Peach, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Raspberry, Coffee, Papaya, Tomato, Black Tea and Acai, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Lavender Flower Powder, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Butter, Mica (natural mineral shimmer), Vitamin A (a-palmitate), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Net wt. 9 g/ .32 oz

US $25.00 (source: site)

 Have you ever tried 100% Pure? 

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Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out Goodies

MOJ Bath by RileyThe Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out event is coming up (March 9-12) and I wanted to rave about one of the products I came across the last time I was at this event. Bath by Riley¬†is the cutest company I have ever seen. You know the niche market of ladies having all the products they need in a much more ladylike and cutesy way? Think Juicy Couture, Miss Dior, etc.

When I was at the Girl’s Night Out, I came across Hand Candies and fell in love at first sight. Not enough words can describe how cute.

What is it? You probably want to choke me for the build up, but look. Y’all would be short for words too.

MOJ Bath by Riley

Hand Candies are basically little squares of body scrub wrapped as a candy. Take heed in the warning on the website! These look yummy and smell equally so, but they are not for consumption!!¬†They are perfect for trying different flavors without committing to a big bottle of body scrub at a time – and how great is it that there are 40 different flavors of these? Also – these work best with traveling and if you are a stickler for not wanting to dilute your scrub like me. I really hate when my bottles get soaked with running water from the shower as I decide how much scrub I want to use, leave it open etc. The other great side? They are dry little squares, so you really don’t get stuck losing a dollop and staring at the floor of your tub wistfully with sadness deep in your heart.

MOJ Bath by Riley

At the event, all the lucky guys and gals passing the table saw Hand Candies in bowls separated by flavor. At the end of the table there was a big sink where you can sample a hand candy. The sampling was the reason why I bought ten hand candies right away you guys. This scrub is not only a highly effective scrub, but it also contains lotion. My hands were so soft after using the scrub that I kept telling my friend to touch them. She wanted to clobber me, but I wanted more Bath by Riley!

If you make it to Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out (and I would so love to meet you if you do), you won’t be seeing Bath by Riley until later in the year. You can check which events they will be gracing here. I can’t wait to see what brands and products will rock my world in less than a week from now!

Have you tried Bath by Riley? Are you going to Girl’s Night Out?

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EOS – Evolution of Smooth

MOJ EOS Lip BalmI have been hearing about EOS lip balm for a while now. The cute packaging, the roundness. Everyone had something to say about it, but I felt a little left out. Not anymore!

After a quick trip to Walgreens, I found a holiday three pack of the buggers still on sale by the counter. The three pack was meant for the winter holidays, but worked for February just fine.

The pack that I purchased had two mint flavors (peppermint and sweetmint – a lot like the Orbit gum!) and a sweet flavor (honeysuckle honeydew – which my mom stole from me). I think the trio I purchased may have had an error as it said that I’d get a summer fruit flavor, but oh well!

MOJ EOS Lip Balm

back packaging

MOJ EOS Lip Balm
There are so many things that I liked about these even before use.

First – the rubberized packaging. Think of a rubber grip cover for your phone. It feels like that but is in a cute round shape.

Second, I already mentioned it – how cute is this miniature roundbottom? If you are a sucker for cute packaging, you won’t get far saying no to this.

Also, I am very much a fan of packaging that screws in instead of just popping off. After numerous a handbag accident where a cosmetic item has decapped itself and then proceeded to soil the contents of my bag, I can really appreciate packaging that requires opposable thumbs to open it.

MOJ EOS Lip Balm
But then of course, we had to open the product for the real review to begin.

All cuteness aside, I was looking for some soft results.

I really liked that the lip balms weren’t pots. That’s the most important part! I remember when I would purchase pots of lip balm and use them much like I use my EOS lip balm now, except after a while, there would be a dip inside, and my pots were retired to only in home use. Having to use your fingers to dip in transfers all kinds of germs and bacteria to your lips (and oftentimes into your mouth as a result), and it also keeps the bacteria in the pot. The aforementioned fact of the balms screwing open helped them stay covered as well.

The one negative that I have with this lip balm is that when your lips are really dry, you cannot just drag the little ball over your lip. It pulls the skin and leads it to crack. When you have dry lips and are using an EOS lip balm, just tap it over your lips till they are hydrated and then drag it all around.

The lip balms sell in drugstores for around $3.29 each. Not bad right?

I was most excited to have a miniature clear cosmetics case from this three pack as well.

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LASplash at a Drugstore Near You

MOJ - LASplashThe love story with drugstores and me is that when I wander around aimlessly before my purchase, I am almost always guaranteed to find something new. Either to the market or to just lil’ me. This time around? LASplash. I saw these at a Duane Reade. Bright colored eye liquid eyeliners and equally bright colored mascaras.

If you know me, you also know that I try nearly every color mascara out there because I just adore them. The trick to getting the color to pop is to have a dark eyeliner, and/or using a primer for your lashes or a white mascara. This will make the color pop even more (think about mixing paints: a blue will pop more if added to white than if added to brown).

These babies were $6.49 each but I also found them online at The site has a rewards program that is a bit better than Duane Reade so if you are trying to get the biggest bang for your buck you know what to do. Also – I am not sure if other drugstores carry this brand yet. I know Duane Reade has the least amount of BOGO sales out of all the drugstores I frequent (but I still love it dearly). The mascaras on the site are $4.99 each and the liners are $5.99. If you get up to free shipping, you’re getting them for a bargain. Also? The brand has eyeshadows, lipglosses, lipsticks, and glitter. You can check out their main website here but be warned they sell for $6.99 (but they have a full collection of ALL colors, and a Twilight inspired glitter mascara collection), so choose your battles lol.

MOJ - LASplash

Check out more pictures and swatches below!

MOJ - LASplash
Don’t laugh. You can see me taking the picture in the reflection. I just had to do it though, saw it and out came the camera! These are the mascaras. Peep the black with glitter one on the right!

MOJ - LASplash
These are the liquid eyeliners. I really like the bold colors.

I was in the store looking at every one of these and then opening them up to see what the inside held. The main pet peeve of mine with drugstores is that you rarely get to test the product before you purchase it, and even more rare is the ability to return the product if it’s not a good fit for you. I even had a saleslady come up to me and tell me to stop opening these products and I had to bite my tongue back not to be rude as they ALL said ‘Tester’ on them. Anyhoo, the colors of the mascaras are pretty much the same as the packaging.

Almost all of the mascaras had this brush. I like this kind of brush (also seen on CoverGirl Lash Blast and Chanel Inimitable). Instead of a winding brush it is rubberized with little spokes coming out. I feel like this kind of brush gets the best coverage and the least clump.

And of course only one stinkin’ mascara out of all of them had to be special. The light blue (or Blue Fantasea) is the only one with a different wand. When I checked the Cherry Culture site though, they had way more colors. So I don’t know if the other colors have different wands as well.

For the eyeliner swatches, refer to the image above where I showed toy the liners in their display case. I swatched the colors from left to right.

MOJ - LASplash
These colors are all pretty vibrant, no? I am most impressed with the most right hand green liner with a hint of shimmer.

MOJ - LASplash
This was a smudge test. The bottom smudge was right after application, and the top was after about seven minutes, when I was sure it was dry. As you can see it sticks pretty well, but when you smudge it at first the color leaves in sections instead of blending. This would not be a liquid liner you want to blend with for a look.

MOJ - LASplash
This is after ten hours of wear. I had this on my hand as I finished my holiday shopping the day before Christmas. My honey and his family have a big get together at their house and so of course after weeks and months of procrastinating I was out and about all day. This means that I used lotion and washed my hands with water once. I’d say it’s not great, but not bad either.

I will be doing a more thorough review of these babies soon as I got a couple of both the mascaras and liners to try out for my readers.

On a completely different tangent – when you read their name aren’t you tempted to call them ‘Lash Splash’ instead of LASplash? I know that’s what I’ve been doing!

Have you ever tried LASplash? Seen this in your drugstore? Like the swatches?

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Anatomicals – Crack is Wack

MOJ - AnatomicalsAfter reading past reviews of mine, you would probably come to the correct conclusion that I put more thought into the product than just the product itself. Even if a product is effective, if nothing makes you pick it up from the counter at your nearest store, or from your nearest e-tailer, nobody gets anywhere. The company doesn’t get the money they rightfully deserve for a great product, and you miss out on the product experience of having something so perfect for you land in your hand. So companies hire Public Relations and Advertising teams. And Yaya? She tries to pay attention to those efforts as well.

So where does Anatomicals fit in this equation? Well. Let’s inspect. Start first with the website here. The page lets you choose if you want to be introduced to the company here or just go straight into a purchasing cloud nine here. Want to know more? Of course you would. The page flashes images and keywords on them. Cheeky. Pimpish. Urban. Lush. Defiant. Punky. Alluring. Etc. Catchy. The company is described to simply trying to make your life better, and says if you are not interested, to click over (won’t tell you where, it ruins the surprise!).

Now we stand with a definite opinion about the company. Not sold yet? That’s okay. They gave you enough to ponder about. Love it? I knew you would. Enter stage 2. The quirky and loveable product descriptions usually done with white font on bright color block backgrounds. This is for more than just the random ‘let’s read the label’ moment. This makes you read. A bit like the Vitamin Water tidbits they have (on the Dragonfruit one they promise no real dragons were hurt in the making of the drink). You read the clever title and the description.

Now you might be hooked.
As some of you may have learned through my Twitter feed, I spent this weekend on the slopes trying to catch some snow waves. Despite my efforts, I spent most of my time eating snow and tenderizing my tushy as if it was getting ready to be someone’s dinner. I ended up calling it a day and hobbled home with a bruise here and there and my pride a bit more tarnished than the snowboard who taught me a lesson in smooth sailing.

MOJ - AnatomicalsBut there are some things that I was prepared for. First, I was coming from NYC where the weather isn’t exactly peachy. I was prepared for cold. Second, I knew well enough that sunscreen was the number one item to pack, as the rays reflect from the snow to your face (which you probably have facing towards the floor as you try not to fall… oh just me then). Last but not least? I knew that with snow and frigid weather follow winds (more often than not). This almost immediately puts nightmares of cracked lips and skin in my mind.

Which brings me to my review of Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up lip balm.

We’ve adequately covered the fact that the company is great and the packaging is catchy… right? Well let’s introduce the quality of the product.

MOJ - Anatomicals MOJ - Anatomicals

MOJ - AnatomicalsAt first, I was skeptical about a clear balm. First because there are so many on the market and second because the applicator wasn’t the usualy lip gloss-y norm. Then I applied.

I tested the product twice. Once at home to check how my lips felt with the product. Soft. Not sticky. No smell. No fuss. The applicator? Didn’t make a big deal at all, didn’t make it harder, and applied just as great as any other good lip applicator. Then I hit the slopes. My lips kept to the program and remained soft throughout every single one of my haphazard drops on my bottom.

The only qualm I have with this product? It is not stated whether or not it has SPF in it, so you might want to either research it more, or not wear it as often if you’re in a ski/snowboard/snowmobile weekend extravaganza.

I’m equally won over by the packaging for the other lip balms available from the company (available for purchase here – they’re from across the US pond so I’d say the balms are roughly 6$).

Disclaimer: This productwas sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

Have you tried Anatomicals? Have a favorite balm? Let me know!

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Skin Food for my nails

PhotobucketI’ve been seeing a bunch of bloggers mentioning Skin Food Nail Polish, and of course, you know me, the crazy eBayer, I had to get my shopper’s delight satisfied. These babies flew over to me all the way from Asia (and of course they probably cost a pretty penny more than you Asian beauties get it for!). I chose some great ones, so keep reading and let me know what y’all think!

Of course, I am not sure what the colors were for any of these, but there were two bottles looking like medicine droppers and the other looks like a normal polish bottle. I got a bright color (of course) and a neutral tone holographic-y shade (which is quite appropriate for work as well!).

Photobucket Photobucket

I’m not sure what the names are for any of these honestly. But you can tell I am lovin’ them! I used the China Glaze¬†Magic Matte top coat to check out how this baby looked as a matte and I was not¬†disappointed. The polish is pretty thick and requires very little work to apply and look fab.

The bottles look like mini medicine droppers.



The cream color is a slight holo and reminds me of one of the colors that many nail polish blogs are posting from the Nubar Prism Collection. I feel like this holo is most definitely work friendly and looks nice and neat on anyone’s nails.

Photobucket Photobucket

After the bright and the holo, the metallic cream didn’t pique my interest from the trio that I ordered. That’s okay though, I will be venturing over to eBay for some other goodies and will report back ASAP.

What do you guys think about Skin Food? Ever tried it?

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Nfu-Oh does the uhoh!

NfuohTitle strike you as funny? I’m on a Beyonce streak so y’all know what the uh oh is!

Nfuoh 51Nfu oh. I have seen this polish across the net but have only experienced the joy in person. The polishes are wonders in packaging as they come like little bodies with corset handles. The polish that they are well known for are their gold fleck polishes.

The Korean brand has a pleasantly obnoxious collection of colors and products to have an over the top sculptural mani. Just check out their photo gallery and design blog.

I had recent fun with Nfuoh 51. It made me feel like a little kid seeing a magic trick for the first time, because really, I haven’t seen flecks inside polish done as well as Nfuoh does it. It looks the best covering dark polishes, but is quite the fancy pants on its own as well. But don’t believe me, read on and be your own judge…

One coat, two coat, three coat, see?

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

NfuOh 51 + Essie Mesmerize

Looks crazy good with China Glaze matte magic on top as well!

Nfuoh 51 + Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black
All images are clickable if you want to inspect the flecks further. My camera did this baby justice to the deepest pixel necessary. Want more? Nfuoh has a product blog here as well.

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