In the Nubar Forest

This is a color that I have borrowed from a friend and have to refer to the pictures all the time because I feel like my life is not complete without it in my possession. Melodramatic? Perhaps. Orrr…. you can judge for yourself.


Nubar in Forest. I love this green. It’s not the weird neon/barf color that we were all crazy about when we were five or so (no? just me then). The color comes in the Going Green collection, which is almost as fantabulous as the Prisms collection fresh on the market, but perhaps equally as alluring as the Cleopatra collection with enough purples to rock my world silly.

As impulses with all polishes go nowadays, I had to try it out with a matte top coat, and my favorite is China Glaze’s Matte Magic. Surprised? Probably not.

Are you groovy with green? Matte or shiny? What’s on your nails?

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