My Treasure Chest is a Tarte

MOJ Tarte Treasure ChestThe highlight of my 2009 holidays was partly all the goodies that I got for myself. There are some gifts that I don’t think other people would venture out to get for me, so I take the initiative. One of these? The fabulous Treasure Chest by Tarte. Once that Sephora e-mail came in my e-mail inbox, I had one thing on my mind until I brought the baby home.

The chest boasts 32 shadows (16 shimmer and 16 matte), 15 lip colors, a bronzer, a powder, and 4 blushes. The total damage? $52. I’m sorry, even E.L.F at a dollar a pop can’t match that. Especially not for the quality that Tarte gives with each and every product they put out into the market. I liked this so much I bought my bloggin’ bestie one for her birthday!

Once I got this, I have to say I found the perfect item for going to travel. The only thing you need when you travel with this super value set is mascara, brushes, and a lip gloss to go, so that you can keep it in your pocket when going out. That’s it!

This item is sold out on Sephora, but I’m sure if you used, or Google you’d find yourself lucky. I saw these go for $120 used on eBay!

A close up:

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest

Here’s how it happily rests in front of my mirror:

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest

Check out the photo frenzy and FOTD of mine after the jump!

First, the Sephora stock photo:

MOJ - Tarte Treasure Chest

Initially I tried to make an Olympics inspired FOTD with three metal hues. My attempts, as noble as they were – all failed. So I started again. My new idea? A bit of a sunrise or sunset you could say.

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest
The picture with closed eyes makes one of the eyes look darker than the other by the top, but this was just an in photo shading situation.

I wet my brush to put down the golden color right at the bottom of the lid and blended shades of shimmer brown with bronze above. I have to say – I was feeling kinda lazy by this point so I smudged my mascara by the waterline to faux-line my eyes. Best trick I learned so far. You can use this tip when your eyeliner is all used up but you have lots of mascara. Better yet – you can use this tip when you have too much mascara for your own good! (like me…)

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest
I was enjoying photo time as I was sporting my new favorite studded blazer from Express (more details in a future post).

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest

Oh how I love the fishy face.

Tarte is an all natural company as many of you know, so that’s why I love this treasure chest. I also love that it’s easy to tote around, has a smashing outside design, and amazing quality of products inside. I used shadows, gloss, bronzer and blush from the set, and had to reach for my Tarte mascara (Lights, Camera, Lashes!) for lash assistance.

As I was surfing the net, I found Sara from guittarasara. She bought her own Treasure Chest but depotted it into a single palette. To check out all the shadows and powders depotted from the Treasure Chest and to check out how to depot your own set if you want here.

So… what’s your verdict?

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