Tart Kisses

MOJ - Tarte Natural Lip StainsUpon my last visit to Sephora, I saw what I was looking for plenty of visits prior. The Tarte Natural Lip Stains have arrived. After I saw these babies in People Style Watch, I was so excited I could have ran up and down the street and told everyone about it a la The British are coming!

Are you guys familiar with Tarte Cosmetics? The ecofriendly cosmetics line rocks my socks with the quality of products they continue to put out. There is not a single stinkin’ season that they spare me and my wallet of any wants or needs (and there are plenty of both). Truthfully? The guys and gals behind Tarte can sell me a lemon of a car (that’d be a very poorly working car) and I’d buy it in a jiffy. The honest truth? They’d never do such a thing! They stand behind their products and I’m happy to as well.

The colors look like this:
MOJ - Tarte Natural Lip Stains

Some tech talk from the site:

What it is:

A natural lip stain that is clinically proven to increase lips’ moisture content by 6000%.

What it does:

After 10 years the wait is finally over. These much-anticipated natural lip stains are an extension to the best-selling and award-winning cheek stains. Just like the iconic cheek stains, each emotive, peppermint-infused shade smoothly glides on lips for a natural flush that will stay all day. So say goodbye to reapplying your lip color throughout the day and say hello to a gorgeous pop of color and hydration that lasts.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens                                       – Sulfates

– Synthetic Fragrances                     – Synthetic Dyes

– Petro-Chemicals                           – Phthalates

– GMOs                                          – Triclosan

What else you need to know:

The old meets the new with the infusion of our high-performance natural LipSurgence™ technology which is clinically proven to increase moisture content by an astonishing 6000%. This proprietary blend effectively increases skin’s water content for a ‘plumped up’ appearance leaving lips defined, smoothed, and hydrated. The result is naturally fuller, healthier lips without any irritation or stinging. Like the cheek stains, each shade of these natural lip stains will leave a natural hint of tint that will last throughout the day. These shades are great to wear alone or pair with your favorite tarte lipgloss. This product is free from gluten, animal testing, formaldehyde donors, oil, talc, MEA/ DEA/ TEA.

Sephora.com, Inc.
Now… the only problem is that I cannot find any store that is fully stocked with these babies. I swear I will be turning into a Tarte junkie, sleeping outside of a Sephora waiting for a new shipment to arrive.

From the reviews I read on the wide web, a lot of people are fond of the product (did I mention they smell great?), but take up with the title of ‘lip stain.’ After coming in contact with these, I have to say they are not strictly a lip stain. The fact that they moisturize, and by doing that, add a bit of gloss makes me want to call this a hybrid of a tinted lip balm and a stain.

My swatches come courtesy of the testers on the counters of Sephora, and I will be reporting back as soon as I have a few of these babies in my lip product family.

Anything from Tarte getting you excited?

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My Treasure Chest is a Tarte

MOJ Tarte Treasure ChestThe highlight of my 2009 holidays was partly all the goodies that I got for myself. There are some gifts that I don’t think other people would venture out to get for me, so I take the initiative. One of these? The fabulous Treasure Chest by Tarte. Once that Sephora e-mail came in my e-mail inbox, I had one thing on my mind until I brought the baby home.

The chest boasts 32 shadows (16 shimmer and 16 matte), 15 lip colors, a bronzer, a powder, and 4 blushes. The total damage? $52. I’m sorry, even E.L.F at a dollar a pop can’t match that. Especially not for the quality that Tarte gives with each and every product they put out into the market. I liked this so much I bought my bloggin’ bestie one for her birthday!

Once I got this, I have to say I found the perfect item for going to travel. The only thing you need when you travel with this super value set is mascara, brushes, and a lip gloss to go, so that you can keep it in your pocket when going out. That’s it!

This item is sold out on Sephora, but I’m sure if you used freshdeals.com, or Google you’d find yourself lucky. I saw these go for $120 used on eBay!

A close up:

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest

Here’s how it happily rests in front of my mirror:

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest

Check out the photo frenzy and FOTD of mine after the jump!

First, the Sephora stock photo:

MOJ - Tarte Treasure Chest

Initially I tried to make an Olympics inspired FOTD with three metal hues. My attempts, as noble as they were – all failed. So I started again. My new idea? A bit of a sunrise or sunset you could say.

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest
The picture with closed eyes makes one of the eyes look darker than the other by the top, but this was just an in photo shading situation.

I wet my brush to put down the golden color right at the bottom of the lid and blended shades of shimmer brown with bronze above. I have to say – I was feeling kinda lazy by this point so I smudged my mascara by the waterline to faux-line my eyes. Best trick I learned so far. You can use this tip when your eyeliner is all used up but you have lots of mascara. Better yet – you can use this tip when you have too much mascara for your own good! (like me…)

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest
I was enjoying photo time as I was sporting my new favorite studded blazer from Express (more details in a future post).

MOJ Tarte Treasure Chest

Oh how I love the fishy face.


Tarte is an all natural company as many of you know, so that’s why I love this treasure chest. I also love that it’s easy to tote around, has a smashing outside design, and amazing quality of products inside. I used shadows, gloss, bronzer and blush from the set, and had to reach for my Tarte mascara (Lights, Camera, Lashes!) for lash assistance.

As I was surfing the net, I found Sara from guittarasara. She bought her own Treasure Chest but depotted it into a single palette. To check out all the shadows and powders depotted from the Treasure Chest and to check out how to depot your own set if you want here.

So… what’s your verdict?

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Fall Makeup for 2009

PhotobucketIn the midst of all this Fashion Week madness, one can’t deny the change in the air. The streets aren’t as warm anymore, there are more sleeved fashions paraded about town, and scarves are coming out.

To me, scarves are the epitome of Fall and colder weather in general. When scarves came out as a trend for summer as well, you could find me looking all bewildered at everyone and their momma because it didn’t make sense. Scarves are an accessory with both an aesthetic and physical function. It serves as a great neckpiece, converts great into a shawl, or even a bow tie, but it also has the potential to keep you warm.

Something else to usher in the fall? Makeup! Now, I’ve briefly covered trends for the fall, and will definitely revisit the topic, but I’d like to share what some companies are ushering in for the new season. As we all know – seasons come with different colors, and wearing neons and bronzer may not be the most appropriate look for when the thermometer starts to dip.

Check out some of the other new products for fall in makeup and nails below. These include great ones from fan (and my) favorites from Too Faced, Stila, Benefit, Smashbox, Korres, etc.!


Anything you’re falling for? 🙂

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Who’s Asking?

In case anyone is asking – here’s what I look like today and my nails too! 🙂

FYI: this is a tidbit of the Tarte Fall goodies. Got this from the NY Bloggin’ Beauts event in July! If you’re a NY’er, get your butt over to the NY Bloggin Beauts blog and give me a holler, so that you can make the next event!

Photobucket Photobucket

I’ll admit – I took these pics in the workplace, that’s why I had to crop the weird shadow effect off to the side. Guilty as charged! 🙂


I’m devastatingly in love with this palette. The eyeshadows are all removable so you can do with them what you may, and the colors are uber work appropriate and soft. There are two great concealer colors, highlight colors, and smokey colors. Did I mention it comes with a double ended brush that is softer than a baby’s behind oughta be and a pencil? (That’s not a pencil you see in the black – that’s another brush o’ mine).

Naturally, this is the first but nowhere near the last FOTD with this palette, so keep your eyes peeled! Oh and did ya spy the zipper rose embellishment on the packaging? Y’all know I’m a sucker for awesome embellishments. That’s a pleasantly surprised expression by the way… 🙂


Products used:
Tarte Femme Naturale palette
(check out their other palette (Femme Fatale) for Fall on their website here)
MAC Dazzleglass in Smile
MAC Plushlash mascara

Oh and let’s not leave out the nails! Rocking ORLY, Miss Yaya did double duty this week. Once for the cool, calm, and collected, and once for the loud and in charge. By the way: one of these polishes came via the NY Bloggin’ Beauts event in July, and the other via a recent shopping trip to CVS.

Photobucket Photobucket
Left: Country Club Khaki Right: Chica Boom

See? Even the names have different personalities!

Watcha think? What are you rockin’?

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Hautelook Rock & Republic Sale & Tarte FF!

Clearly this is another week full of great sales. Click on the images and links below to save some money!


Come join HauteLook for your sample sales and cheap designer duds.

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Also! Tarte is having a Friends & Family Sale!

Tarte: 40% off with code FF09 !!!

And don’t forget Korres!

Korres 30% off Code: MYOWNJUDGE

Tell me what you get!

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Tarte Hautelook Sale!

Come join HauteLook for your sample sales and cheap designer duds.

Click here for your special invite!

Don’t forget that when you when you sign up through this link, you get a $10 credit to spend on whatever you please!

If the link is not working, copy and paste the following link in your browser: http://www.hautelook.com/signup?sponsor=yanaL923@gmail.com