Minty NOTD from Sally

MOJ NOTDI’ve been walking around drugstores like a ferret for the past couple of weeks. It’s starting to drive me wild too you know. I like to have brands put something good out at a gradual pace. That or an obnoxious price with no sale in sight works well too. This has not been the case. There have been holos, new bottles, new colors. Not just great brands, but brands that haven’t done so well and are seeking redemption. Then the drugstores come around for my money and start offering sales left and right. It’s getting stressful over on this side of the screen y’all.

So check out one of my new faves from my gal Sally Hansen. It is a new color… right? Mint Sprint is perfect with one coat but looks massively smoooooooth (with exactly that many os) with two coats. I am still a die-hard fan of the weird flat brush, it covers my nail in almost one swipe. The color is what turquoise would look like if it had a steamy affair with gray.

I used to be a fan of the shape of this triangular bottle, but when I started storing them, it started to drive me wild. Have you tried to stack them together? It’s a bit annoying. The new colors out though? Redemption granted.



Any colors making you run to the store?

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