Liberty of London takes over US

Liberty of London seems to have taken over the US (and other countries of course…) in one swift move. We have their MAC collection (I’m obsessed with the limited edition designs on the white packaging!), and their Target collection. Cute tops and rain boots to accompany cute packaging and great makeup? I’m all over it! (My favorite purchase from the bunch is the Birds & Berries eyeshadow)

All these partnerships on their behalf opened my eyes up to the brand and now I’m avoiding the pain of my bank account and browsing their selection on Neiman Marcus and more. Do you like any of their new collections?

Do you have a favorite designer partnership?

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5 thoughts on “Liberty of London takes over US”

  1. Ooh I just grabbed a beauty powder in shell pearl (I think that's what it's called). I really wanted to get 2, but they only had one left 😦 At least I got one! so pretty


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