Ombre – Condemed or Still Cool?

MOJ - ADAM Spring 08 RTWSeveral seasons ago, ombre took over the trends. Sure, it was nowhere near the first time anyone heard of it, nor worn it, but practically all brands were on the ombre band wagon. It gave the customer a creative and versatile look, and not too many color patterns work that way in solid format. Ombre is above and beyond a solid color, and holds more weight than tye dye. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like it’s more serious.

I feel like I look stinkin’ fabulous in ombre garments and look forward to spring to break them out. During the fall, I have a beloved ombre leather jacket that blends from a khaki color to a smooth brown as if someone was melting caramel and milk chocolate together. Unless you have a crazy color combination, a light to dark fade will never go out of style in my book.

Which is why it was so disappointing for me to read an article in a magazine (lord if I could remember which one it was!) discussing the exit of ombre for Spring 2010. I vowed to be less fashionable, but rock the darn ombre. Trends are not laws and therefore serve only as suggestions. Am I right?!

MOJ - Calvin Klein Fall 09So spill it. Is ombre rocking your socks? Do you condemn ombre, or is it still cool in your books? What trend has “gone out of fashion” that you refuse to let go (for now, or forever)? We don’t judge at MOJ!

Image credits: Top Bottom Flypaper (Bluefly Blog)

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