How We See Things

I haven’t done a Misc Mondays post in a while, but while rummaging the internet this past weekend, I found the most appropriate Monday icebreaker. While as you may image, I lost the linkback for the image, I will be adding it here as soon as I find it.

In the meantime, take a look at the picture. I found it on a foreign site, so I have no idea where the image is from. Seems to be an art exhibit. (Look at me all unprepared for discussion lol)

The inspiring factor was that the image initially is of a pile of rubbish but that it comes together to form something pretty relevant. Two people leaning against each other. Made me think about how often people look at the same things and yet have so many different takes on what they saw. They say no one sees a cloud the same way (but as soon as you see something and start explaining it to someone, they see what you mean… right? I always see clouds make puppy shapes… just the dog lover in me I guess).

As I start my Monday off, I will try to take a second look at what goes on around me and the opportunities placed before me so that I may see things in more ways than one. I suggest you do too!

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