Spring Flings

Ello! Miss me much?

I am happy to say that I am feeling way better than I was the last time I was posting something on MOJ. I spent the last week downing bottle after bottle of Gatorade and was only too excited to get to eat flavorless crackers yesterday and honey wheat crackers today. I also ate a sandwich and kept it down today. Amazing right?! I’ll spare you the gory details, but know that I am on the track to great health again. No idea what threw me off, but the upheavals surely put enough fear in my heart to look at all food with a side eye.

As I try to get back on schedule with everything, I thought the looming presence of spring was a great return topic. The weather in NY right now is pretty chilly, but nothing like when I was complaining about the snow harassing my hair and garments. The chill is around 60 degrees, which honestly, to me is almost perfect. Seventy degree weather with a breeze is my ideal weather channel (imagine if you had a remote and switched it up?!) so the fact that we aren’t too far has me itching to try out some of the clothes I haven’t paid much mind to, and get some new additions.

The weather specific trends have gone out the window, so anything goes. Cardigans and camisoles are ruling the closets without a duel in sight.The only thing I have to admit to passing judgement on is people going to double extremes. Boots with mini skirts or shorts are not cute. Are you warm up top and cold below?

Some items I am keeping an eye on (in several online shopping carts…) are totes with bows, flats with cute details, such as fun embellishments, cutouts, and embroidery/pattern (I’m a sucker for lace and bows in moderation). After witnessing some cute pearl accessories during fashion week, I am on the hunt for the perfect metal/gentle combination of pearl and metal chain for earrings. And of course, the bow tote. I have a thing for bows that I cannot explain. Perhaps it’s because they’re cute, or maybe because they’re “girly,” either way, look around my house and a quarter will show up with a bow at one end or other.

How have you been? Have any spring flings?

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