Cleanup on Aisle 4

MOJ Sick
Image Credit: DeviantArt user djmastawes

Cleanup on aisle four! You hear that in tv shows about accidents that happen in stores and such, but I have never been privy to such an experience. I have however, spent the last day walking around with a bucket by my side as my best friend and drinking only liquid in hopes of being able to keep it down.

I don’t know if it was food, germs, or everything under some magical stomach flu umbrella, but something’s got me, and it’s got me good. So until I’m less dizzy and can eat a cracker or two, there will be limited yaya presence on the net. Sorry for the invonvenience!

Check out the older posts and drop me notes about which are your faves!
(p.s. People who rightfully deserve packages that they have yet to receive will be getting them before the end of the month.)

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