Underarm Common Scents

Deodorant TestersRecently, I woke up to a small lump under my arm. I knew it was an inflamed lymph node, because that’s usually what happens when I get a bad cold. But I wasn’t sick! I was horrified. I was already thinking a million things that could possibly be wrong. Set up a doctor’s appointment pronto and started researching my deodorants. My mother scolded my bad habit of not washing off my deodorants before sleep and my thoughts were racing.

Fast forward to the doctor looking at me like a loon and telling me it was nothing, and just another way of my body getting ready for the monthly gift. Whew! (Sorry for all the extra information y’all!). But I was still stuck on researching my deodorants.

I’ve read often about the antiperspirants that have aluminum contents and whether or not they lead to illnesses and cancer. The information out there has no final answer on the topic, so it’s not necessarily black and white. (Check out cancer.gov FAQ page on the topic here). Considering the information and my nasty habit of not washing off the deodorant at night, I figured I’d be better off finding something that tackles odor and lets my sweat be. If you must know, I sweat a lot under any inkling of heat as is, so having dry pits wouldn’t help the rest of me much.

During my search in drugstores, I couldn’t find too many deodorants that weren’t doubling down with antiperspirant duties. The few that I found were for men and weren’t available in an unscented version. So I hit the net and found a surprisingly large selection with decent prices. Here are a few:

What do you use to beat the funk and stay fresh?

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One thought on “Underarm Common Scents”

  1. Hey Miss Yaya! Great post btw 🙂 2 of my current faves over the last year have been Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal and Crystal Body Deodorant. Both are roll-ons that are free of parabens, fragrances and aluminum chlorohydrates. They are also hypoallergenic and can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Target for around $3-$4. I haven't had any itching like I did with regular deodorants and no heavy perspirations. They really do hold! And they cruelty free and are both supported by the Cancer Treatment Centers.


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