Dashing Diva NOTD

Dashing DivaI’m back on the NOTD grind! What better way to get the ball rolling than with trying new brands for MOJ?

I added some Dashing Diva polishes to my collection recently, and have been itching to show you guys.

The inaugural Dashing Diva mani comes fresh on the tails of trend reports that a light gray is the new cool color of the hot summer upon us.

Taking stock of the inventory in my closet I realized that I tend to purchase light grays at all times, so I suppose the reports are correct. Is your summer wardrobe gray friendly?

Dashing Diva Dashing Diva
The color Milk Mauve is pretty true to color from the bottle. It’s a subtle gray/blue/white mix. The left image is with flash and the right is without. The left is what the color looks like in sunlight and the right is how it looks when it gets darker.

It’s really creamy and wears well. I liked that it didn’t go on super thick and didn’t chip for the first week (I try to change up my polish every week anyway, so it got the job done!).

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