Riri’s Burning Red

RihannaGossiping and paparazzi shots can get you only so far. I can’t be concerned with who ate where and dodged whom through which back exit. Okay I lied. When it comes in a magazine I indulge sometimes. Online though? It’s strictly beauty and fashion for moi. Too much good stuff online to waste it on gossip, no? I love seeing candid shots of celebrities as their styles change before magazines get their hands on it.

Check out your girl Rihanna leaving Maestros Steakhouse with red hair. The red lip and red hair from the front evokes Jessica Rabbit to me. The extra shots of the back are a thumbs down for me, but her style is her style! I’m totally appreciating the ensemble though. From the fire engine lips, to the proper cleavage (hey man! She’s on a date!), to the open shoulder mini, and the neutral pumps. The absence of heavy jewelry or accessories is also a definite win for me.

Do I have anyone with me?


Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

What’s Your Verdict?

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One thought on “Riri’s Burning Red”

  1. I'm actually okay with the bright red hair but you're right, the back is not the business. A bit too much cleavage on a date (I mean it's boobs, arms and legs all out…pick one) but I like that she's toned it down a bit.


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