HM NOTDH&M quickened the pace from inexpensive clothing store to designer collaboration mastermind (think Madonna, Jimmy Choo, and Sonia Rykiel), to beauty brand, and now they are becoming an E-commerce presence (just wait my darlings – September is not that far away).

Though I’ve always said they need to have their clothes available online, their gigantic market makes me wonder at what capacity their stock will be and how often will you see sold out items online. Additionally, I’d be impressed if they offered free shipping of any sort.

But back to the matter at hand! I ventured out and got me some store brand polishes and lipglosses. I was expecting something cheap and fab, much in line with the rest of the store.

My first choice for the polish (sorry for the blurry photo) is Bella’s Choice. It’s a fab Tiffany’s blue mixed with a little more seagreen. The polish goes on pretty smooth and doesn’t really need a second, and certainly not a third coat. The other plus was the square shape of the bottle. Something about right angles on nail polish bottles makes me want to grab one of every color. Weird?

Left is with flash, right is without (how color looks in reality). I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with the gloss, and didn’t find it amazing enough for a review. It does what a gloss inherently is made to do. Maybe I made a faulty color selection.

The polish though was pretty good, except for the price. The polish is $5. Yeah I know I’ve bought plenty items that are exponentially more expensive, but this is how I look at it – a place that sells shirts from $5, shouldn’t the polish be a bit cheaper? No? Maybe it’s just me.

Have you tried any H&M beauty products yet?

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One thought on “H&M NOTD”

  1. Hi!

    I love the Bella's Choice nail polish, have you tried it with a matte overcoat? I thinks it look even better then!

    I live in Norway – that means I have HM overdose.HM is everywhere and they have a online store. The shipping isn't free but what is cool it that you can order the fall clothes in spring time! I love it! The most popular things get's sold out, but never everything.. Some stuff online never get to the stores and the other way around.


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