Summer usually means ‘time to break out the shorts!’. I have seen a variety of shorts on the streets recently. Some have a length so scandalous I can’t help but raise an eyebrow, and some are even appropriate for work.

My summer essential shorts are bermuda shorts. They reach down to the knee and offer a whole lot more air transfer for my overheated self with none of that “look at what she’s wearing” to go with it.

Though there has been a pleasant breeze in the air recently, I have seen a lot of brow raising getups recently.
Is it just me or are us gals getting real bold with the lengths and colors of our shorts? I have even seen short shorts in the workplace.

If you feel good in ’em, more power to ya!

The following widget of styles of shorts that I’m lusting after is acting funky, so I apologize in advance if it doesn’t show up. It’s taken me almost all day and it still seems to want to poop out on me.

In any case. What’s your favorite style of shorts? What’s your summer staple?

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  1. Bermuda shorts are summer staples for me too! Love them – you could dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.


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