Dressed up for…

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The who came first; chicken or the egg discussion’s equivalent in the fashion world is Who do women dress for? The answers are always different depending on the gender of the respondent, along with their age.

I used to think that women dressed for themselves, or that at least I did. As I grew up, I started to see how perhaps it could be true that women dress for women, as well as for men.The kind of school you went to can be a major deciding factor for this conundrum. Notice how children are less competitive about whose clothes are cooler or fancier when there is mandatory uniform? We are a tricky race of humans!

This recurring thought came to mind when my honey mentioned my new favorite one shoulder dress. He said one shoulder dresses are more puzzling than they are attractive, because it kind of seems as though something is missing. Sure we gals look in the mirrors with the goddess trends in mind, and the bicep and shoulder exercises a sweat bead away, but all others think of is that Ms. Pac-Man took a bite out of our outfit?

I thought about it at length and then came to the realization that when I want to dress for me I’ll wear my new favorite one shouldered dress, and when I want to dress for my honey, I’ll keep it symmetrical, I guess when it comes to visualizations on dates, you prefer things to be symmetrical ;). Maybe the balance is making the choice of who to dress for and what to wear?

Are you a fan of one shouldered dresses? Who do you dress for?

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One thought on “Dressed up for…”

  1. Hi: I think all woman should dress the way they want to feel. If the mood strikes them, they should get all dressed up, light candles, have a romantic dinner, or if they want to just wear a casual outfit. I love the look of one shoulder dresses on woman today. It adds a sense of mystery to their look.

    I just love the way woman dress in an “outfit,” compared to men who just wear a suit and tie, or just jeans and a t-shirt. Woman get all dressed up and “shop till they drop!” Buying whatever they need to complete their look or multiple looks.

    I don't think woman should dress for a man, only if she wants to and only if she agrees with him.

    That's just my own opinion. Nameste.

    Mc Huggs 🙂

    Gstamas (at) AOL (dot) com


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