In the Spirit of Parian

Parian SpiritI am beyond backlogged on posting and many things in life in general, but lo and behold, I am nearly out of debt! Woot for me!

The first thing I knew I needed to tackle on the beauty end was a major cleanup. My brushes and my blender were undoubtedly cussing me as much as an inanimate object can, at their angriest point in life. They were filthy!

The tops of the brushes had all shades of blush, bronzer, and bright shadows – all sorts of purples, greens, and yellows staring back at me. Quite honestly, there probably were two or four pairs of microscopic eyes staring back at me, but we won’t think about that right now…

I broke out my not so recent Makeup Show purchase of Parian Spirit brush cleaner. The completely organic, citrusy cleaner guaranteed to clean your brush.

About Parian Spirit:
[CLEANS] oil based makeup, adhesives (spirit gum, medical,etc.), oil based clays, acrylics (after drying), latex (after drying)

[CONDITIONS] rejuvenates hair after cleaning

[DISINFECTS] kills bacteria better than any brand cleaner

[FAST DRYING] Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is the preferred brush cleaner among professional film and television makeup artists. It is an environmentally safe product that thoroughly and gently cleans sable, squirrel and other fine brushes. This unique cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products (powder, liquid, wax based and adhesive) while conditioning and disinfecting brush hair. No artificial colors or fragrances are added. Our product is made from citrus spirits and leaves a clean look and smell to the brush. Also Parian Spirit will not damage the paint or wooden handle of a brush.

Parian Spirit is perfect for cleaning makeup and adhesives off the lace of wigs and hairpieces. ” (source: site)

Parian Spirit
At the show, I bought the set that came with the jar, the cleaner liquid, a glass jar, and a plastic sifter. The sifter is magical y’all. It goes on the bottom of the jar to grab at the dirt on your brush as you glide it along the bottom.

Parian Spirit
The water starts to change colors and your brushes become magically clean. I especially like to see the brushes that came in one color (i.e. the skunk ones or the beige ones) go back to their original color, despite much bright colored powder abuse. The liquid still smells like fresh oranges throughout the process. When done, you just drain the jar and wash it with soap. I like to wash mine with dishwasher liquid.

Parian Spirit
Ta da!

How do you clean your brushes?

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One thought on “In the Spirit of Parian”

  1. Hi,

    Glad you like our product, just wanted to mention that you don't need to use soap to clean out the canister. After you empty all the used Parian Spirit, just wipe everything with a paper towel.


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