Fall is Entering the Building!

Ports 1961Fall usually starts on my birthday. The wool coats, dark stockings, boots, and hats slowly trickle in as the leaves gather on the floor.

But alas, in my e-mail inbox, fall has a jump on things and is starting in early August. Ports 1961 sent me a blast about the autumn season being in the building and I was super excited.

Ever since going to their show during Fashion Week, I was looking forward to it hitting stores and websites with the dropping temperatures. The heat may not have subsided, but the clothes are here!

The website has models wearing each outfit and walking away from you down the invisible runway only to show right back up to walk towards you. First I thought it was just for gimmicks, but honestly, it gives a very good look at how the garment looks and hangs on the body while standing and in movement.

The only two downers for the online presentation were the absence of diverse models (although they had one for the promo!) and the big hair from the promo picture and the actual fashion show. My favorite part of the show was the big fluffy heads of hair the models were sporting, but unfortunately, that didn’t stick.

Some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Ports 1961
What’s your favorite?

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5 thoughts on “Fall is Entering the Building!”

  1. I am obsessed with the website AND the collection! I adore all of the chic dresses, and being able to see the movement of the clothes! I am apologizing to my bank account in advance! 🙂


  2. I adore PORTS 1961! I have some dresses in my closet already and it looks like I will be adding a few more from this collection. They keep getting better and better!


  3. Ports 1961 will forever be my “go to” designer when I need an amazing dress! They never let me down when I need something that will be sure to get everyones attention in a room… I don't know what I like more, their website or their boutique!!! Simply in love with their clothes.


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