You Be The Judge! J to the Lo

It’s been a bit of a forever since I posted the inaugural You Be the Judge post, so today as I was making a valiant effort to check out the MOJ Facebook and Twitter page as well as clean out my e-mail with minimal distractions (I said I tried), I realized I had plenty gals who were itching to have a post done about ’em.

In comes Jennifer Lopez. I wanted to pick someone who had plenty of looks and not an over abundance of spotlight. I know it’s nearly pointless to do a similar post on Rihanna or Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga, but almost everybody else is free game.

You Be the Judge - Jennifer Lopez
Through almost all the photos I found, Jennifer Lopez rocks just about the same lip gloss color, but she experiments with hair, eyeshadow shades (although the same technique – call her Miss Smokey), lash lengths, and wait for it – blush! A girl after my own heart. From corals to pinks, and plums to golden bronze.

Which one do you prefer? And who do you want to see next?

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5 thoughts on “You Be The Judge! J to the Lo”

  1. I love #3 its very classic and regal. A very full bun and her makeup is full but a light shimmery color. Everything in the look compliments eachother.


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