Pain in the Bra

Perfect BraGet ready for some TMI and some venting fam. My number one peeve in fashion is strapless garments. Why? Because I have no undergarment that will keep me satisfied and supported. NOT ONE!

Sure, I try to fake the funk and put on a bra here and there, you know the one, promises to be great and universal, flattering and push up, all the good stuff, none of the bad, only to be an epic fail in the end.

Image Credit: tinadurocher

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m so finicky that no undergarment will ever make me happy. Maybe other people have hit their jackpot and my golden ticket is patiently humming on it’s hanger as it waits for me to open my eyes. I hang on dearly to that maybe and to this day look at everything that is strapless with disdain. Sure I wear a strapless dress here and there, but I feel like it either cuts my top half into quarters and eights of a whole, or flattens and pulls down more than gravity intends for my current age, neither being my goal.

With that said, I have two fashionista friends who have inspired me to get back on the hunt for a good strapless bra. I was told to find a boned corset low back from Macy’s or peruse through the online racks of Bare Necessities. I’ve found flops in every attempt in my past, so I don’t really think I can lose anything but time.

What brand/style do you swear by? Any secrets?

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