Nails Fresh(ly)Cover(ed)

FreshCover Nail Color - Cuba BellaRemember my trip to Duane Reade? Well the new beauty center formerly known as a drugstore (select locations only) tempted my wallets plenty in one day. newest indulgence is a nail polish brand I was far from being familiar with. Have you heard of Freshcover Nail Color? I didn’t.

I will be very honest and tell you I cared much less for the quality, or anything, really, once I saw the bottle shape. The handle was so interesting and pleasantly odd. The only thing left for me to choose was the color to take home with me. You know – sometimes I feel like items are meant to come home with me. Ever justify your shopaholic impulses so?

Continuing my search for the perfect range of coral polishes (because the search for the perfect one only taught me that I like too many to choose just one!), I chose Cuba Bella and continued to wander around the store.

Check out how they performed on the digits:

FreshCover Nail Color - Cuba Bella FreshCover Nail Color - Cuba Bella
Left is with flash and right is without.

FreshCover Nail Color - Cuba Bella

This coral is the most relaxed and easygoing shade of coral I have ever come across. I say this as though the color and bottle have a personality, but when you have purchasing habits similar to mine, you start building relationships with inanimate objects, partly from the financial guilt, and otherwise from the love of all things colorful and beauty.

Though I enjoyed the application, the overall experience was weak. The polish is a little weak in opaqueness and seems to me to be a mix between a jelly and an opaque polish, ending up a bit sheer and temporary. The wear for this polish was also not perfect – about three days before chips appeared.

I’d recommend this to a gal who does her own nails and frequently switches it up, if the bottle tickles your fancy, like it did for me, then that’s a plus too. Otherwise – save your dineros!

Have you tried FreshCover polish?

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