Get the Look: Lo Bosworth at the Emmys

As I mentioned earlier, I was in love with the Madmen makeovers E! Entertainment whipped up for the ladies from The Hills, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt. Lo’s makeover was a tight fit green with envy dress by Karen Caldwell, a design that would undoubtedly fit right into the plot of next week’s show, and Stephanie’s frock was a mini from Guess by Marciano with a peekaboo lace at the top, sporting some fab Bardot inspired hair.

I was thinking to myself, it would be great to create a similar look like Lo but at an affordable rate. The look is quite simply, with the dress being the attention grabber, some natural peep toe pumps (you can try booties for some extra ‘tude!), a two finger flower ring and some seriously twisted gold bangles. Being that Stila makeup artist Sarah Lucero was on board with the makeover team, I had to find a pretty Stila pink and those bright nails had me thinking of China Glaze. I can’t tell y’all which shade gloss or polish to get from each brand though, as their selection has plenty to fit each madwoman (or man!). I got most of the items for the look for less than $50, but the shoes required more work.

Is this an Emmy look you’ll try to recreate? Which one inspired you most?

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