China Glaze Lights Up the Holidays

MyOwnJudgeIt may have taken me a bit to post the color swatches of these polishes, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Mostly, I spent the time checking out each color and turning into a mad scientist mixing them.

What am I talking about? Remember the China Glaze Limited Edition holiday colors? Yeah – I’ve been having a jolly good time with those.

The holiday collection features some beautiful whites, reds, and greens. I understood the red and green but had to dig deep for the white. Once I made the snow correlation, I felt a little silly. The holiday collection consists of a whopping roster of 16 colors featuring (in addition to the white, reds, and greens) a blue and an Olympic bronze-y copper, silver, and gold.MyOwnJudgeThe colors photographed with flash. These are all pretty true to how the colors look in person. All swatches were done with two coats.
Then I had a bright idea. Sure, the matte craze has died down a bit. Companies have released plenty of matte topcoats (some better than others), and are back to their creams, satins, and shimmers. But how does it look flat?MyOwnJudgePretty fancy, eh? I am the most happiest with the metal colors when matte. They look like they’re hiding behind frosted glass.

Lest you thought I was done with the experimenting though, I continued to mix colors (only with coats) to see if I was missing out on some kind of secret.
See my math equations? Ha! I’m loving how all the glitters look mixed together, but Party Hearty also looks beyond awesome as a top coat to nearly everything.

What’s your favorite? Which do you want to see on a mani?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Jennifer Hudson’s Slim Braid

MyOWnjudge - Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson was looking regal in purple as she performed for the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education’s 15th Grand Slam for Children benefit concert held at the Wynn Las Vegas. Her purple Michael Kors gown hugged all her slimmer curves to a T. Sure the neckline and shoulders looked a bit plain, but the bright purple made up for all errors.

Photo Credit: HollywoodLife

The singing bird had a subtle smokey eye with a neutral glossy lip and a matching mani. Her nails looked like they could’ve had China Glaze in Grape Pop on. Right before she went out the door, she must’ve taken a quick look in the mirror and seen how great she looked, so she made sure her hair looked fab as well.

A severe side part with a sleek wave into a braid on one side and some wispy waves on the other end. Want to do it yourself?

  1. Brush your hair and style as usual (use either a curling or flattening tool to create subtle waves).
  2. Create an uneven part, taking about 80% of the hair to the side you want the braid on. The remainder will be your sultry wisps.
  3. Use the rest of your hair to create the braid. Start braiding at the nape of your neck, shifting in a diagonal to the front. 
  4. Use a color similar to your hair color to secure the braid.
  5. As always – use some shine spray to keep it glossy (my favorite is Palmers).

Do you like it enough to recreate it?

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ChinaGlaze debuts limited edition for the holidays!

MyOwnJudge China Glaze Limited Edition HolidayNormally I’m the crazy person buying up gifts for family and friends starting from July. By mid October I am only shopping for boxes and wrapping paper and thinking about how many cards I’d need. Not this year though. In between financial deficits in both my pockets and my bank account, and the spacial deficit in my storage room and apartment, I felt like I’d be better at winging it this season. Last year taught me that the procrastinators got the best sales anyway.

This year, China Glaze is kicking up gifting nail polish a notch. Sure you can buy a nail file with a polish bottle, and sure you can cook up a crazy gift bag with plenty tissue paper, you may even get really crazy and put a coveted polish bottle inside several Russian Nesting dolls and have your giftee work triple hard for their gift… or you can hit up China Glaze.

The colors are as follow (color description courtesy of China Glaze):

Naughty and Nice: Deeply rich wine crème. Sugar Plums: Plum shimmer.
Mommy Kissing Santa: Deep cherry red shimmer. Phat Santa: Red crème.
Ruby Deer: Bright red crème. Mrs. Claus: Red glitter.

 Party Hearty: Green, gold and red chunky glitter. (I spy a favorite!)

Mistletoe Kisses: Green glitter. Jolly Holly: Forest green shimmer.
Peace on Earth: Olive green shimmer. Little Drummer Boy: Navy blue shimmer.
Jingle Bells: Champagne shimmer. Midnight Kiss: Gold shimmer.
Cheers to You: Silver shimmer. Frosty: White frosty shimmer.
Snow: White crème.

The company famous for colors that go opaque in usually just one coat has caught the holiday spirit early, with sixteen limited edition colors available in singles and gift packs. I’m digging the gift packs, they are in packs of three, as well as sets with gifts like shot glasses, stuffed toys, necklaces, and candles. That way, when you purchase a polish gift you don’t scratch your head thinking; “Should I be adding something else to this gift?

MyOwnJudge China Glaze Limited Edition
The gift sets will feature the following colors:
Celebrate in Style Collection: Includes Little Drummer Boy, Peace on Earth, Mommy Kissing Santa, Jingle Bells and a holiday necklace.
Merry Mint Set: Includes Naughty and Nice, Mrs. Claus and a complimentary China Glaze Peppermint Oil.
Rejoice Set: Includes Mistletoe Kisses, Mrs. Claus and a special red holiday candle.
Cheers to You: Includes Midnight Kisses, Cheers to you and a China Glaze shot glass.
Dreamin’ of a Green Christmas: Includes Mistletoe Kisses, Midnight Kiss and Jolly Holly.
Oh, Ruby Deer: Includes Sugar Plums, Ruby Deer and a stuffed animal.
Peppermint Kisses with Holiday Wishes: Includes Mrs. Claus, Phat Santa, Snow and Frosty.

Anything catch your eye?

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Get the Look: Lo Bosworth at the Emmys

As I mentioned earlier, I was in love with the Madmen makeovers E! Entertainment whipped up for the ladies from The Hills, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt. Lo’s makeover was a tight fit green with envy dress by Karen Caldwell, a design that would undoubtedly fit right into the plot of next week’s show, and Stephanie’s frock was a mini from Guess by Marciano with a peekaboo lace at the top, sporting some fab Bardot inspired hair.

I was thinking to myself, it would be great to create a similar look like Lo but at an affordable rate. The look is quite simply, with the dress being the attention grabber, some natural peep toe pumps (you can try booties for some extra ‘tude!), a two finger flower ring and some seriously twisted gold bangles. Being that Stila makeup artist Sarah Lucero was on board with the makeover team, I had to find a pretty Stila pink and those bright nails had me thinking of China Glaze. I can’t tell y’all which shade gloss or polish to get from each brand though, as their selection has plenty to fit each madwoman (or man!). I got most of the items for the look for less than $50, but the shoes required more work.

Is this an Emmy look you’ll try to recreate? Which one inspired you most?

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Kimora Headed to a Screen Near You

MOJ KimoraI spend a lot of my weekends glued to the tv. It’s a release from running to and fro all day every day. Between work, school, errands and catching up, I designate weekends as cutoff days. Cut off from everything but rest and tv. That’s when I convince people to go out to new places (sometimes) or go to the movies (saw Our Family Wedding yesterday), or watch 18 episodes of Law & Order (am I revealing too much? lol). So when I saw the commercial for the new season of Kimora’s Fab Life in the Fast Lane (today was the brand new episode – did you catch it?). You know – she’s got a new man, actually – two. One in the cradle and on in the bed ;). The ladies don’t really outnumber the men in the household by as much, but everyone is just as fabulous nonetheless.

The item of most interest? The balloons in the promo. There are some banner ads online and commercials on tv where the camera pans from top to bottom and shows only the balloons for a bit. The only thing those balloons make me think is of the China Glaze Up and Away nail polish collection.

Click after the jump to see what I’m talking about and to see the Fab Lane promo!

What do you say? I missed the episode in between Law and Order and House episodes because I didn’t realize that the screen shot from Style were saying that the episode was indeed today until I started this post. Apparently, the weekends give me a two day pass to be a bit slow too!

China Glaze polishes are readily sold at Sally Beauty.

Have you ever seen a commercial and it made you immediately think of your favorite products? Which one(s)?
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A China Glazed V-Day Mani & More

MOJ VDay NOTDHey there stranger. Oh wait. Me? Oh right! I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for three days. Please direct all comments and complaints to whoever creates viruses, Verizon and Best Buy. My home PC caught a mega virus that wiped basically the whole computer out. Thankfully I have a laptop though, right? Wrong. My DSL service refuses to connect to my laptop. What about Wifi? Hmm. Well the new laptop came with a new wireless router… so you’d think if the laptop came with Windows 7, the router would be able to work with that system? Nope. Not so. What is it that happens then? I have to travel around the city in between fashion shows to catch a signal and try to blog and tweet in those intervals. (p.s. toting around a laptop when you’re already lugging paperwork and cameras and chargers is not. cute. Not at all.) I have been tempted to travel to a 24 hours McDonald’s or Starbucks at 3am just to get some work done, but decided to get sleep instead. But enough about me. As you ponder about how you will forgive me, check out my faboo (even if I say so myself) NOTD for Valentine’s Day out of two China Glaze colors.

left no flash, right with flash

I tried to do a variety of polka dots. On my thumb is free hand with the brush. On my middle finger, I used a medium-large dotting tool and on my pinky a smaller one. I did some funky design on the index finger and added some silver as a tip on the ring finger (just ’cause I don’t have the ring yet, doesn’t mean I’m exempt from the bling!), and as an accent on the rest. I got the silver polish amongst the nail art polishes at my local beauty supply store.


What’s on your nails today?

Disclaimer: This product(s)was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Let the Sun Shine In!

MOJ CG Happy Go LuckyAs I’ve been organizing my polish collection, I keep getting distracted by urges to do fabulous things with ’em. Diagonals! Designs! 3D!

Truthfully though? If y’all check my TwitterI fail a lot (click for evidence). My hope is still strong though – my practice will pay off one day.

Until then, I’ll keep China Glaze‘s Happy Go Lucky on my digits and smile each time I see it.

No flash used in the left image and flash on the right. The color without flash is what it looks like on your fingers. It’s such a pleasant bright. No pushy neons.

MOJ CG Happy Go Lucky MOJ CG Happy Go Lucky

Like it? Have a favorite right now?

Want to get your own? China Glaze is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Transdesign, and 8ty8beauty. Enjoy your savings!

Disclaimer: This product(s)was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Konad Practice Makes Perfect

MOJ KonadDon’t let the title of the post fool you. I am nowhere near perfect with my Konadicures. But I do believe that practice makes perfect by how much I have improved at stamping my nails.

And a word to the wise? If you are stamping a fresh mani, don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because the top layer is dry, that the nail is dry enough to have a Konad stamp roll on it with the pressure that you choose. It’s not. You’ll be mad. I was!

For this Konadicure, I used a black polish and lots of holographic polishes as partners in crime. As promised in Order in the Court, here are the photos from my attempts at fabulosity.

The colors that were used are:
Eyeko Cosmic Nail Polish as base
China Glaze Wireless Holographic top coat (as top coat duh! 🙂 )
Color Club Worth the Risque as the Konad color

MOJ - Konad MOJ - Konad

Left image is without flash and right is with flash.

I tried to do a gradient on my ring finger with the China Glaze top coat, but it was more wishful thinking than it was what I hoped. Any advice?

What do y’all think?
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Chanukah Giveaway Day 5

PhotobucketThe classic girl’s story is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The forever known Audrey Hepburn donned her chic little black dress (what a fashionable broad she was with her LBD!), her pearls, and she probably caught the earliest mention of the Bump-It for her snazzy hairdo as well. It’s only fitting that five of you lucky readers get the nail polish created in her honor by China Glaze.

MOJ Chanukah Giveaway

 Check out the MOJ Twitter page and send me a reply with the name of the color. Something like ‘Hey @myowjudge! I know what @chinaglaze color that is, it’s: _______’!
Remember only Twitter followers will be able to win!

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China Glaze Coverups – NOTD Adventures

PhotobucketAre y’all tired of my ClumpsofMascara shouts outs yet? That’s my Bloggin’ Beaut sister from another state. I’ve always said if she and I shared a living space we’d have to start doing makeovers on the street, and some other stuff, because no actual work would get accomplished.

But there is a bright side to friendship, always. This one? We always tend to tip each other off in the newest and coolest, brightest and funnest products and brands. And when one is too broke to indulge, we share our resources – kind of like being green, eh?

Evidence: Diamond Cosmetics famous for their $2 polishes with alarmingly addictive colors. I stole some from my trip to Florida (I have sticky polish fingers future hosts!). When I returned from Florida, I had some fab China Glaze finish polishes that threatened to just make my excitement bubble burst.

Speaking of being green, check out the initial look of Diamond Cosmetics nail polish in Never So Ever-Green on my digits:

Photobucket Photobucket
such a pretty green, but so hard to capture on camera!

Then I checked it out in matte (courtesy of China Glaze Magic Matte from Head2ToeBeauty

Photobucket Photobucket
index finger in left picture left with original color for comparison
And then of course, I had to top it off with China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat (again from Head2ToeBeauty) – which of course looked cool.

Photobucket Photobucket
I happen to find all holos amusing… and you?
But then, I needed to check what the Holo would look like in matte (so I used China Glaze Magic Matte from Head2ToeBeauty again.

halfway through:


Photobucket Photobucket
I was lovin’ every stinkin step. You? How’d it have you feeling? Which finish(es) are your fave?

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