Nailene – A Darker French Tip

Nailene French Tip PenEverytime I used a Nailene product, my nails have looked great and super well groomed for a long time.

I find that nail art polishes are sometimes hard to use when trying to achieve a french manicure. The brushes are super thin, and running them in a straight line multiple times so that you have the perfect tip is practically impossible. One extra swipe will make it crooked or globby (an appropriate non word, no?) and will make a hard worked mani end. It’s the worst when you work hard on both hands only to have the tenth finger sully up the plans. Then you may need to use remover (q-tips are best) and heaven forbid you use a cotton ball, because, well, then you can just say farewell to the whole mani idea. Using a q-tip foils these monstrous disasters, but still, isn’t a guarantee of success.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Black French Tip Pen from Nailene. Using the pen makes it so much easier to apply polish, and quite honestly, whatever formula they have for the product makes it dry practically instantaneously.
Nailene French Tip Pen
Nailene French Tip Pen
The kit comes with a black french tip pen and a top coat. This top coat dries magically fast and has lots of shine to it. It’s a top coat for polish though, as through experience I’ve learned that on bare nails it doesn’t last as long. On bare nails, you will most definitely need more than a single coat for long lasting care.
Nailene French Tip Pen
When you get the pen, remove the cap and press it into a piece of paper or tissue. Don’t press it onto your hand or clothing, and please no furniture! You might need to press a couple of times until the whole pen is full of polish. As you see from the above image, these are the four stages. The one on the bottom left seems to be full of polish, but is still lacking a bit on the tip. Sadly, the last image is a bit unfocused where I’d want it to be, but is how the pen should look when it’s really ready for use.
Nailene French Tip Pen
The way I applied it wasn’t necessarily the neatest, but the blame goes to my shaky hand and not the product. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t need double coverage, although you may want to apply some to keep the tips of your nails from rubbing off when doing everyday activities with your hands.

These pens come in white, pearl white, and black. I will get back to you about that last part, because at the time of posting, I found difficulty getting an online store with this pen in stock. They are available at all major drugstores, though.

How do you do your french tips?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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