Beyonce Temptu(rary) Tats

BeyonceAfter her bombshell photo shoot for Dereon, Beyoncemania had a rebirth similar to the renaissance. Gone was the Single Ladies two step and everybody wanted some (don’t lie – you wanted them too!).

My best friend (in my head) rocked a blonde bouffant hairstyle with bodysuits and heels. She straddled motorcycles and bared skin. And it was that quickly that Chanel temporary tattoos were forgotten.

The diva has now partnered with airbrush co Temptu for temporary tattoos to be available to the masses. You can sign up for the wait list to get them as soon as they come out (go ahead, I won’t judge).

Check out the rest of the details about the deal on WWD. Keep reading to see some more images from the inspirational photo shoot and a screen shot of Dereon‘s lookbook. It scrolls horizontally and the clothes are too cute as well.

Beyonce Dereon

I love it much too much!

The styles on the far right and left are my favorite. Check out the lookbook and pick your fave!

Are you into the temporary?

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