Who Runs The World?

I’m glad we’re somewhat venturing back to the days of when teasers to music videos were entertaining, and music videos were being awaited as feverishly as the last Harry Potter movie (though I do love me some Hogwarts moving pictures). The teaser for Beyonce‘s new video has been released, and though I’m not completely won over by the track, the video looks like a fashion shoot on steroids, and I can’t wait for the rest.

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Move Your Body Brights


http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?rt=tf_mfw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822/US/myowju-20/8001/79a1ebee-f296-4a23-a751-7c4d45c7c27d Amazon.com Widgets

I’ve been on a serious video game kick recently, getting all my cardio from various dance programs on game consoles (and don’t get me started on the sports games!). When I saw Beyonce’s new music video, I immediately hoped this would come to a Wii or Xbox near me pronto and then wondered why she doesn’t follow the way of MJ and have a “Beyonce: The Experience” game, she sure has enough songs to fill up one or two volumes.

Now aside from the cardio, the video is a perfect segue into spring and summer (if your thermometer hasn’t been showing you any love or you’ve been hiding indoors). The warmer weather always ushers in plenty white tees, shorts, and everything else as bright as a flower.

Check out some fun (and cheap – all under $25) bright picks to put some spring (and summer) in your step.

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Beyonce Temptu(rary) Tats

BeyonceAfter her bombshell photo shoot for Dereon, Beyoncemania had a rebirth similar to the renaissance. Gone was the Single Ladies two step and everybody wanted some (don’t lie – you wanted them too!).

My best friend (in my head) rocked a blonde bouffant hairstyle with bodysuits and heels. She straddled motorcycles and bared skin. And it was that quickly that Chanel temporary tattoos were forgotten.

The diva has now partnered with airbrush co Temptu for temporary tattoos to be available to the masses. You can sign up for the wait list to get them as soon as they come out (go ahead, I won’t judge).

Check out the rest of the details about the deal on WWD. Keep reading to see some more images from the inspirational photo shoot and a screen shot of Dereon‘s lookbook. It scrolls horizontally and the clothes are too cute as well.

Beyonce Dereon

I love it much too much!

The styles on the far right and left are my favorite. Check out the lookbook and pick your fave!

Are you into the temporary?

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Lady Gaga & Lady B Team Up Again

MOJ Lady Gaga and BeyonceSometimes I have to take a break from blogging y’all. There are three instances for such. One is for rest. There are times when I need 16 hours of sleep to catch up with myself being me. Second? Well, I’ve already admitted being back in school – and judging by the 105 and the 91 I secured, I’d say my occasional breaks are starting to pay off. Third? Well my honey and family are at the top spots – sometimes you have to tune out everything but the people closest and nicest to ya. It keeps your head from going up into the clouds and your mind nimble. Y’all know that right?

So while I’m catching up, let’s make sure everyone has caught up with Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Sure, there’s chitchat about the Fame Monster exhausting herself (which is why she needs to check out my point #1), but the video for Telephone will keep us chatting long enough for her to catch a nap. I’m loving this video for it taking a cue from the Thriller days and turning it into a short film. I’m also loving the way Gaga pokes fun at the rumors of her being a man (check out the video and let me know if you catch that itty tidbit), and while I’m not completely won over for Gaga’s outfit choices, I am loving all the versatility on Lady B. She got some black lipstick, a wonder woman outfit, and she lets an Americana Minx mani (I think…) flash after she lets out a cuss word.

Check out some stills of the video and the video itself, and let me know how ya like it!
P.s. That first image? It’s by DeviantArt artist Yamino, and if I didn’t read as much, I’d swear it was the art for the video. Great job Yamino!

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Beyonce Bandwagon

Come one, come all, the Beyonce bandwagon is picking up passengers and speed, and I couldn’t be left out in the dust.

Her remixed video featuring Fame Monster Lady Gaga (get it?) for Videophone is out and I’m excited as always.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times more. I love Beyonce as an entertainer, and I think she has the best team behind her. I am really loving this video and love all the new things she allows herself to experiment with. These may not all be new to everyone (i.e. the Bettie Page ref) but they rock my socks when she does it.


Lady Gaga did her thing too, but I think it was hard to keep up with B in this video. My only complaint was that the video was a little too hypno happy at times and made my eyes feel like they were having seizures.

Didn’t stop me from watching it four times though. I even started signing a package for UPS as Lady G.. and stopped myself & asked for the screen to be cleared.

See it for yourself here.

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Ladies & Gents of the Jury – Dereon Fall 09

I love me some Beyonce y’all.

Now I know we don’t live in a perfect world, but something that people have heard me tsk tsk at a lot lately is the negativity and hate. I always wonder why it gives people so much joy to put other people down. Most often out of speculation and of their own low confidence. What we need to be doing is motivating and pushing each other to succeed!

I think Beyonce gets a lot of that hate, but if there are others like me out there, the good sure outweighs the bad. I always look at her and say what great things she has done for herself and how well she carries herself as a name, a woman, a business, and a brand. I also always shake my head in amazement and say I have got to commend her marketing team because they are on it. I have come to realize more and more recently that it runs in the family as I’ve started to pay much closer attention to her sister Solange. But that’s a story for another day.

The case out for the jury is this – the Fall 2009 Dereon advertisement.


Let me put in my two cents and say that I was reading GIANT magazine to support Celia from SickaThanAverage.com for her Maxwell interview, and came across this ad. It was on two pages and I damn near ripped the magazine in half flattening it out so I could see the whole thing. I was giggling and showed everyone in the house how hot this ad looked. I’m clearly loving it.

And you Ladies & Gents of the Jury? What’s your verdict?

While you’re at it- feel free to check out the Dereon items on their site:

Dereon (eFashion Solutions)

Judge This!

So in our adult version of Swimfan, we have Miss Larter vs. Mrs. Knowles-Carter vying for senor Elba. Personally I have been jokingly in a huff and puff that they just had to antagonize race by pitting a black woman and a white woman against each other, and why couldn’t they just pick 2 multiracial actresses, but really… I’m cool. 🙂

What y’all need to is pick up your ballots my fair Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, and vote now. Who are you more obsessed about from the Obsessed premiere?


Image Credit: HotCelebsHome

Your verdict?