Hakaan has a new accessory for SS11

MyOwnJudge - Hakaan
The entrance of fall is also a festive time for fashion week. The world celebrates as a whole as the week jumps from country to country, across continents, to bring people out of their assigned seats with the bright colors, beautiful fabrics, and statuesque models.

Photo Credit: Style.com

MyOwnJudge - Hakaan

The clothes are usually styled to their best possible presentation, with precise attention to shoes, jewelry, bags, etc. But piercings? My first experience with the sort was looking through the photos of the Parisian fashion show for Hakaan. The nose bridge piercings looked very interesting as they were placed on each model walking the runway (though they weren’t real). I’ve previously seen piercings like these on arms and the back of the neck, but never on the nose. Though not something I’d get for myself, I prefer the nose the best for this type of piercing. It adds a whole lot of character to the face, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Freakinfrench.blogspot.com

The show had different carefully tailored shapes worn by models, most of whom had killer guns (I need me some biceps and triceps like those!). Though the garments differed from pant suits to dresses, the colors didn’t veer far from white, black, and a gray/slate shade in between. The buildup with the garments in color order added to the presentation of the collection. Another highlight? A sighting of hot mama model Jourdan Dunn!
Check out the full collection on Style.com and let me know if you have any favorite looks!

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