Gisele – the Terminator’s Sweet Dream

Gisele DT MagazineHot mama Gisele is looking as great post baby as she did beforehand in the new shoot for DT magazine’s October issue.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome and

The supermodel’s photo shoot for the Italian publication is full of grunge and heavy metal. My first thought when I saw the images was that it looked like the Terminator’s wet dream.

The shoot was styled with chain-mail, leather, and cargo pants. She’s sporting a chain fringe bib necklace, something I’m dying to make (but can never find enough time for!).

There’s a shot of her holding two tires, and I’d like to know if those were real or just props, because those buggers can be heavy!
Gisele DT Magazine
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Gisele DT Magazine

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