Alex & Eli SS11

MyOwnJudge Alex and Eli SS11
From my not too extensive experience with designers and their collections, I have found that there are two kinds of designers. There is the one who will give you a word or two (if that) in regards to the collection and prefer your emotion and interpretation to take over the collection, rather than theirs. Then there’s the second type. The one who spells it out in black and white to you. I don’t know if I have a preference for either. Sure, it feels good to think that your out there hypothetical story can be the real story of the collection, but sometimes it just feels good to be told something and all you need to do is have an ‘aha’ moment when you realize that the words and the images add up.

Enter Alex & Eli. Inspiration? Jacques Cousteau. Can you see it? Try and say no. What about “deep-sea ocean life, complex structures of transparencies and shades.” That requires a little extra consideration, but not much once you see the lookbook. Check out my faves (and their collection video after the jump):
MyOwnJudge Alex and Eli SS11

Do you like it?

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