You need a Kiss… or two for Halloween

MyOwnJudge - Kiss Nails
When I was of the age to trick or treat, I remember dressing up as a bride (I had a three year fascination with wedding dress costumes – not a Bride of Chucky kind of thing – just a… bride!) and running door to door with my cousin. As soon as we exhausted all the sweet and sugary options our neighbors could supply, we went walking down the streets of our neighborhood with my aunt or grandma as a chaperone in tow.

The most vivid memory remains when we ran into a greeting card store and my aunt was waiting outside. After requesting a trick or a treat, we of course, got some candy. We got Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses. My cousin and I were ecstatic (sometimes stores skimped on the sugar and gave out mints) and as we ran outside, I was met with a question from my aunt. “What did you get?” I didn’t even pause to yell out KISSES!! What did I know? I was seven or so. I think the color from my aunt’s face drained faster than I could say the word again, and my happiness faded instantly. I went on a mad search to find the forsaken candy in my goodie bag to prove to her that the police did not need to join us. To this day, the story gets a belly laugh out of everyone in the family who hears it.

For my adult Halloweens, I spend the week in preparation deciding what costume I can wear that doesn’t come with “sexy” as the first part of it (you know – sexy police officer, sexy nurse, sexy doll, sexy witch, etc.) and what funky things I can come up with for my nails. Almost every year I end up in the drugstore getting press on nails because spending money on a Halloween manicure sounds super duper crazy. Kiss must’ve been logging into my thoughts, because they have press on nails available for just the night at all drugstores for just $3.99.

The designs vary from Halloween webs to a red and black moon mani which can be used for fancier days ahead as well. The nails come in twelve (12) sizes, with two of each, to guarantee a perfect fit for your nails. The best part about these is that you don’t have to confess to your boss the next day whether you were giving kisses, getting them, or just wearing ’em!

Do you have anything planned for Halloween yet?

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