McQueen Rises

MyOwnJudge Alexander McQueen SS11
I don’t think any show was as anticipated as the McQueen show. Following the memorial service, the show went off as both a tribute to the designer and a rebirth of sorts for the brand with British designer Sarah Burton at the helm.

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The white colors throughout the show reminded me a bit of funerary traditions where attendees wear white to symbolize angels welcoming the passed into heaven. The look and garments had soft factors with interesting embellishments and lots of belts and hardware to accessorize.

As with the past McQueen shows, the ants in your pants are from waiting for what the shoes will look like. Burton’s shoes weren’t claw shoes, but they were interesting enough to get the welcome card. I really like the shoes in the bottom images. Granted, they’re not your everyday shoes, but they don’t look painful to wear, and have a similarity to coral reefs. If I had the extra cash, I’d so get them.
What was your favorite?

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