Paul Smith does a Double Wrap

MyOwnJudge - Paul Smith SS11Trending on the streets originates from heavy research and people watching. People invariably end up ruling on which trends they want to appear next, but in cycles. The colors, the fabrics, the shapes, and the accessories; they all get a vote in one way or another, even if you don’t notice your impact.

The Paul Smith collection featured plenty of menswear inspired pieces for women, but most interesting was the use of belts in the show. Gone was the large belt used to suck in a third to half of the female ribcage (and how wonderfully do they do it!), and instead there were two to four belts layered and criss crossed over one another to take up just as much space, but in a new and more interesting way.

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If you’re looking to double or triple up on your belts, you can start your internet shopathon searching for “double wrap” belts. These are made in twice the length of a normal belt, and thus you can wrap it around yourself and make it double. Pockets feeling the pinch (or you want to create your own color combo)? Use regular belts (especially mens) and wrap it around and criss cross. Voila!

How do you belt it?

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