MAC Rain of Flowers

MyOwnJudge - MAC Rain of FlowersSometimes when you see something, you just have to have it. Such was the case when I saw MAC‘s Rain of Flowers nail polish. It looked like it had purples and blues and I was on a “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” high.

If you hold the polish in your hand, it mixes from blue to purple to a dark violet black. When you apply it?
MyOwnJudge - MAC Rain of Flowers
It’s a bit of a downer. The blue and purple shimmer only comes out when you’re twisting and turning your fingers like a beauty pageant queen doing the hello wave, and even then it’s not as great as your imagination might make you think. For the most part, the polish looks like a very dark, almost black violet. Reminiscent of OPI‘s Lincoln Park After Dark.

It applies pretty well with two coats. When you do only one coat, it looks violet and not dark at all, but you wouldn’t really be able to keep a one coat mani because of the streak factor.

The verdict? I’m a bit disappointed but I still like looking at the bottle.

What’s on your nails?

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