I Want to Make the World Aware…

Nothing makes me happier than when children are taught proper values from the start, rather than having them grow up all mixed up in the brain, only to come to a conclusion here and there about what they should’ve known a long time ago.

The media isn’t the best at portraying the correct image, nor always the right mentors for children to look up to and emulate. I always argue that parenting has a lot to do with how a child grows up, but let’s be real. Kids can’t be under lock and key for their whole childhood for the benefit of the parent. Society needs to step up and be better people with every day to offer appropriate inspiration – and when we mess up? To be humble and responsible when taking actions to make things right.

Sesame Street gets out of MOJ court scot-free with this video about loving your own hair in any design or texture.

Are you loving it as much as I did?

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