UNICEF Celebrates 60th Year of Success

MyOwnJudge - UNICEF turns 60Do you recall the time you went door to door asking for a trick or a treat? I do.

I hated the people who opened their doors and took the question to be philosophical or anything other than “Can I have some candy please?” The pennies, the insight, man, that really soured my night until I saw the next full size candy bar (those houses were the best!). It wasn’t until I as older that I realized the pennies and other change has come in handy to other trick and treaters.

Shortly after Halloween some 60 years ago, Mary Emma Allison and her children came upon a parade in downtown Philadelphia that included children in dress from nations all around the world. They followed the parade, which led them to a booth inside Wanamaker’s department store. At that booth, donations were being collected for UNICEF’s powdered-milk programs.
This chance encounter would change the next 60 years.

Mary Emma knew children already collected treats on Halloween, but she and her family were determined to turn that collection into something bigger, something that could help the kids all over the world still struggling to recover from World War II.

In UNICEF, Mary Emma recognized an organization that could get those children the help they needed.

Using a nationwide network of churches and community groups, the Reverend Clyde Allison, Mary Emma and their family encouraged fund-raising for UNICEF on Halloween—collecting candy and coins while learning about the plight of vulnerable children around the world.

The money collected could be used by UNICEF for powdered milk and so much more—food, medicine, education and anything young people needed to thrive. (source)
MyOwnJudge - UNICEF turns 60

Photo Credit: Liludori.com // Graphics Courtesy of MyOwnJudge.net

HSN is honoring the tradition (and 60th anniversary) alongside FEED Projects to have our kids (or you – I last trick or treated with my friend Jessica in the last years of high school – we won’t judge!) benefit the cause and look great while doing so. The burlap tote features reflective webbing to keep the phobias of the dark at bay and the wearer safe. It’s also very environmentally friendly – you can use it throughout the rest of the year while reminiscing of the sweet night!

Part of the proceeds for the tote (and it’s only 13$ by the way) will benefit UNICEF in their campaign to offer nutrition, medical attention, and assistance to children around the world.

Check out more information about UNICEF here, and see how you can get involved.

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