Revlon’s Matte Suede Collection

MyOwnJudge - Revlon Matte Suede CollectionDrugstores are slowly turning into temptation centers for me. I have taken to banning myself from most department stores and beauty spots like Sephora as I deal with this financial slump I’m in right now, so I limit myself to drugstores. They must’ve caught on to the plan because what used to be one or two knick knacks that I had to buy, have become bag fulls.

As I walked into Walgreen’s for a snack yesterday, I found myself face to face with the new Revlon Matte Suede polish collection. They had new lipsticks out as well, but I can only be so bad in one day!
MyOwnJudge - Revlon Matte Suede CollectionThe main photo is the collection, applied in two coats and taken with flash. The photo to the left is without flash. Both photos are accurate representations of the colors depending on what kind of light you have shining on your digits.

Upon originally seeing the collection, I was trying to decide if the matte polish craze was a movement that was staying or if it was a departing train. Any polish can now become a matte polish with the correct matte coat. Something about these colors persuaded me though.
MyOwnJudge - Revlon Matte Suede Collection
The four color collection contains three autumn/winter appropriate shades with a snowy white to complete the set. The colors are vibrant and are almost dead on replicas of gem stones. Emerald City reminded me of Zoya‘s Veruschuka from the MatteVelvet Collection. Purple and green shades seem to warrant the most attention when new sets come out.

All the colors have an interesting shimmer to it, one that I can’t say has been identically done before. As Scrangie said, the collection doesn’t come off as that matte. I found that when you apply one coat, the colors are more matte than if you use two to three coats. The runner up favorite was Fire Fox, have you seen a shimmery, fiery, red-orange like this before?! Though not necessarily a favorite, Ruby Ribbon had an impressive finish, and after two coats Powder Puff made me frown.

The white is a little bit out of place and I had to narrate a winter story with Christmas trees, Santa, Cranberries and snow to agree that it was necessary. White is a color that no matte collection should ever have again. Really. The white was the weakest link, but I must have been remiss in the three coat memo, because Ali from Ali’s Nail News got it, and the photos make it look purchase worthy.
MyOwnJudge - Revlon Matte Suede Collection
MyOwnJudge - Revlon Matte Suede Collection
As you may already be able to tell, these photos are the colors with a topcoat, photographed with no flash and then with flash accordingly.

The brand is Buy One Get One half off at almost all drugstores this week, and Rite Aid is having a great sale where all polish is BOGO half off. What are you waiting for?

Do you like this collection?

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