Blake Lively Scream Awards

MyOwnJudge - Blake LivelyIt girl Blake Lively experimented with fashion again on the runway for Spike‘s TV Scream Awards. She chose a gray two tone dress with a camel leather embellishment running down the middle.

The dress looks like there are three pieces to it, and they were added together in haste. Blake still pulls it off though, when she stands still. All of the photos of her from the event seem to show her fidgeting (or did she pose like this on purpose?) with the skirt of the dress to show off her gams, when they look just as fabulous peeking out of the skirt on their own.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

She matched her heels to the neutral accent on the dress and kept the accessories to a minimum; a smart move for an ensemble that already has a lot to say.

The verdict in the courtroom is questionably innocent, but with some sort of parole. I need to see a toned down mini or classic Grecian drapery at the next event to make it up.

What do you guys think?

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