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MyOwnJudge - Mattesse Elite NOTDSocial media is a double edged sword. Sometimes, you experience the good, you find new products, new brands, new friends. You learn new information and you hear about sales, etc. The dark side of it all is the negativity (as you may have seen in the news) where people grow larger than life personalities when behind a monitor. The real negative for me at the moment though, is all the unnecessary temptation it causes for me to shop. If cosmetics and nail polish were in the garden of Eden, I would’ve been kicked out mighty fast.

When New York retailer Ricky’s (don’t let that turn you off, they ship everywhere) posted alerts of their new Orgasmic collection polishes on Twitter, I was salivating for the color Hard Edge. After chatting them up, I had a couple of suggested stores to visit for optimal stock of the color I wanted (Hard Edge). That was it. I fed into the temptation. No more conviction necessary, I was headed to the store. Then it got worse. After visiting multiple stores looking for the color I wanted, I fell in love with other colors. Blasphemy!

I came home with my tail between my legs and three polishes in hand (not a single one of them the one I went to look for in the first place). At least the colors are pretty (find the upside!). First up is Amazing Rush.

MyOwnJudge - Mattesse Elite NOTD MyOwnJudge - Mattesse Elite NOTD
I tried to take the picture in sunlight by my window, but something wasn’t meant to be. What’s meant to be daylight on the left without flash is actually how it looks in the dark, or with poor lighting. The photo on the right is with flash and is how the color looks naturally. It’s a great green gold with plenty shimmer.

The first coat applies half sheer and doesn’t promise much good stuff. The second coat erases all doubt. The best part about this mani is that a base coat plus two thin coats only needed a total of fifteen minutes or so drying time. The nails dried super duper smooth and I was off pulling my too tight jean zipper within minutes. The color is pleasantly unexpected. It has the right amount of everything that is loud and requires control, without going overboard. The color looks great on my skin (even if I say so myself), and I think that statement would be unanimous with anyone who wore it. Plus, the polish is only $5.99. Less than most drugstore brands.

Find any hidden treasures recently?

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