Gentlemen’s Ball

MyOwnJudge - Gentlemen's Ball
The fashion conundrum continues. As event invites roll in, no matter the occasion, there is practically no dress code for the male. Most often, there are two choices – the denim and button down or the black tux.

What confuses me is that at no point are the gentlemen ever at a disadvantage. They have stylists, shoppers, girlfriends, and friends, out of whom at least one person may be able to offer fashion advice (especially if they have a stylist on staff!). Are the stylists for men less capable/knowledgeable than those employed by women? I’d ask if there was a shortage of clothing outside of denim and black tuxes, but frankly, I know the answer to that one, I am an addict to shopping after all!

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The male stars attending the Gentlemen’s Ball refused to push the envelope. The closest one came was Chris Brown, with a leather and wool varsity jacket. David Arquette marched to the beat of his own drum, as customary, and Trey Songz and Nick Cannon probably spent five minutes getting ready, donning an all black tux ensemble. All of the above styles are appropriate for the event, though all lack imagination. Bob was dressed far too casual (as if he was there for an outdoor concert in the park).

I don’t need a male Gaga, but I’d like men to play with fashion. It’s there for them too.

Do you agree?

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