Ombre Showdown

MyOwnJudge - Ombre Hair
After a brief fascination with ombre coloring in clothes (still my favorite), fashion and celebrities fine tuned their microscopes on hair. Ombre hair is now a more natural (and much more affordable) method for coloring hair. The colored hair grows out, letting the ends serve as a darker color, thus forming a slight wash from light to dark. I assume the same can be done in reverse (but would be a little harder to get the shading to remain not choppy).

Drew Barrymore rocked the trend to each magazine and website’s delight, but during her recent visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Duff showed that she too, is proficient in the ways of ombre. Her hair is embracing the trend with a little more tenderness, as there is not as strong a contrast from the lightest to the darkest color. Shoot, it may have even been an accident (though I doubt it).

How do you like the style?

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