A Suave Thundering Style

MyOwnJudge Kat Dennings SuaveVery rarely can you spot a celebrity walk the red carpet and find an (inexpensive) identical match to the methods used to construct their hair or makeup (unless they’re spokespeople for drugstore brands – that doesn’t count!). More often than not, there is a “steal and splurge” comparison of the real to the steal and how you can ‘pull it off.’ So when my a little birdie told me that Kat Dennings strutted her stuff (check out the cleavage!) on the red carpet to the Thor premiere with her locks maintained by super wallet friendly Suave, I was impressed. The products are almost completely all cheaper than a five dollar footlong!

Image Credit: Zimbio

The starlet’s hair looked like the perfect middle between walking past the mirror and slaving for hours with rollers and products in front of the mirror. Suave Professional Celeb Stylist, Jenny Cho said the goal was to infuse a lot of sexy 80s attitude into the hair’s look and texture. MyOwnJudge Kat Dennings Suave

1. Apply Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse to damp hair and layer on Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream to tame any frizz and flyways. Diffuse hair until completely dried.

2. Curl hair with a 1 inch and a 1/ ¼ inch curling iron to create an uneven, natural-looking texture.  Start by curling a one inch section of hair from the nape and be sure to spray each section with Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray before curling each section for a long lasting hold. Tip: curl each section in different directions for an uneven organic look.

3. Follow this technique until all hair is curled.  Flip hair and mist a little Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo for extra body that will hold volume throughout the night. 

4. As a finishing touch, add a few stokes of Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Spray for beautiful, healthy waves.

Check out the brand on Twitter (@SuaveBeauty) and Facebook.

Will you be recreating this style?

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Daily Shine

MyOwnJudgePreaching about hair and skin being similar and their neverending thirst is not enough. You have to practice what you preach as well. Depending on how far into your non-washing schedule you’re in will direct what kind of product you can put in your hair. For example, one or two days into the schedule, you can get away with nearly any product. When you start getting to four to five days, you need to start skipping on products that don’t contribute to moisturizing your strands. At this point, creams are less optimal than oil-like products, because dry strands just make it disappear. MyOwnJudgeEnter into the courtroom: Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum. MyOwnJudgeThe product promises shine and more than 50% of a decrease in frizz on both wet and dry hair. Dry hair? I’ll take that challenge! MyOwnJudgeThe bottle nozzle is small, perfect for spot application on split ends and whatever parts of your hair need the juice. Also – it’s much easier to apply with the smaller opening than twist tops (who thinks of those kinds of openings with such a small bottle?!). MyOwnJudgeAfter about two pumps of product applied to the bottom half of my hair, I checked my before and after shots. From far it may not be obvious, but with lengthy experience with my hair, I can explain. Look at the middle to bottom part of the hair in the before shot – see the dullness in color and dryness? See how it looks like it took a vitamin shot in the after picture?

How do you moisturize your hair?

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Emma Stone – Blond vs. Red

Emma Stone debuted her new blond (don’t you always think it deserves an e? I always do, so disregard the spelling errors!) ‘do recently. This is probably a preview of her Gwen Stacy character in the upcoming Spider-Man addition to the Marvel series.

Emma‘s red locks matched her super light skin tone and made her a standout. The blond? It washes her out a little bit, and makes her a bit forgettable. Just me? I would say maybe Gwen Stacy should be reincarnated as a redhead, but the comic diehards would probably come to my house with torches.

Most amusing is that the red hue is not Emma‘s natural hair color, but the blond is. What do you think?

Team blond or red?

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Curls Rule!

MyOwnJudgeRihanna originally gained fame when she started changing up her hair. It became a once a month event that the tabloids ate up. A bob! Red! Without confirmation on whether the songstress enjoyed it as much as her audience, the internet is overrunning with images and how-tos.

Sure I’ll declare a RiRi diet shortly, but this was just too good. Following her long extensions to her statement red crop, the star arrived at the American Music Awards (inset) with an auburn tint to her hair, save for several bright red strands peeking out around her neck, and, wait for it, CURLS! Being a curly girl myself, I’m always excited to have a Hollywood member rock the style.

Are you on team straight or team curly?

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Ombre Showdown

MyOwnJudge - Ombre Hair
After a brief fascination with ombre coloring in clothes (still my favorite), fashion and celebrities fine tuned their microscopes on hair. Ombre hair is now a more natural (and much more affordable) method for coloring hair. The colored hair grows out, letting the ends serve as a darker color, thus forming a slight wash from light to dark. I assume the same can be done in reverse (but would be a little harder to get the shading to remain not choppy).

Drew Barrymore rocked the trend to each magazine and website’s delight, but during her recent visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Duff showed that she too, is proficient in the ways of ombre. Her hair is embracing the trend with a little more tenderness, as there is not as strong a contrast from the lightest to the darkest color. Shoot, it may have even been an accident (though I doubt it).

How do you like the style?

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Mizani Supreme Oil

MyOwnJudge - Mizani Supreme OilI recently had the pleasure of attending a product launch for a brand already near and dear to my heart; Mizani. From previous posts regarding hair and recreating styles (check some out here), I have always mentioned the necessity of using some hair oil, whether it’s to maintain the softness of your hair several days after washing and styling, renewing your do, or just to add some sheen for that “I was in a commercial” overall style.

The event was very last minute on my schedule, so of course I was caught unawares without my camera. I tried to make my Blackberry do it’s best, but at the moment it’s doing it’s worst at uploading the images when I need them (so stay tuned!). The launch was for Mizani Supreme Oil.

Some info about the product:
Supreme Oil is a 99% naturally-derived formula with 8 natural oils (sesame, jojoba, almond, avocado, apricot, olive fruit, sunflower and argan oils) that is silicone, mineral oil and paraben-free. Designed for any hair type, this ultra-light treatment penetrates and absorbs to treat and smooth the hair, so it is not greasy unlike silicones and mineral oil that only lay on the hair’s surface. Experience a truly exquisite treatment with an ultra-luxe velvety touch. (source)

The benefits as listed on the site:
1. Delivers intense moisturizing & exceptional softness.
2. Imparts incredible shine.
3. Nourishes hair and skin.
4. Leaves hair and skin soft and silky.
5. Helps enhance skin’s overall texture & appearance.
6. Fortifies and strengthens hair to help prevent breakage.
7. Improves hair’s elasticity and manageability.
8. Locks out humidity for continuous frizz control.
9. Non-greasy, fast-absorbing.
10. Can be layered over or under other hair or body products.

I haven’t subjected the oil to a rigorous test yet, but from using it at the event I can vouch for many of the claims. The oil is a smoothing, frizz erasing (depending on what state it catches your hair in – my hair desperately needed a wash, so it just softened the disaster area) hair sheen, which also doubles as an all over scent and body oil. Right after I put the oil on my hair, another attendee inquired as to what my perfume was.

Because the oil contains zero silicone, parabens, or waxes, it is safe to use on the body as well as the hair. It’s actually the smartest to do, because all hair products touch our scalp (and thereby our skin) in any case. The oil is not greasy and leaves your digits free to type away on Twitter or shake hands with new contacts within minutes. This was the most (pleasantly) surprising feature for me, because that’s one of the necessary evils I agree to when I use hair oil (almost every day). I usually have a box of tissues handy to wipe the excess grease away, or head to the bathroom to wash my hands.

The company already covers much of haircare in terms of Scalp Oil, Conditioner Treatment, and basics like the Shampoo and Conditioner, but this product serves as a multi purpose product for ease of use. It works with every hair and body treatment (blowout, smooth, renew, natural extensions, braid refresh, scalp treatment, body, etc.) and is travel friendly.

I’ll take it for a spin for a week and let you know how it works out. In the meantime, you should still try it out and consider getting one.

What is your favorite hair product?

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Jennifer Hudson’s Slim Braid

MyOWnjudge - Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson was looking regal in purple as she performed for the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education’s 15th Grand Slam for Children benefit concert held at the Wynn Las Vegas. Her purple Michael Kors gown hugged all her slimmer curves to a T. Sure the neckline and shoulders looked a bit plain, but the bright purple made up for all errors.

Photo Credit: HollywoodLife

The singing bird had a subtle smokey eye with a neutral glossy lip and a matching mani. Her nails looked like they could’ve had China Glaze in Grape Pop on. Right before she went out the door, she must’ve taken a quick look in the mirror and seen how great she looked, so she made sure her hair looked fab as well.

A severe side part with a sleek wave into a braid on one side and some wispy waves on the other end. Want to do it yourself?

  1. Brush your hair and style as usual (use either a curling or flattening tool to create subtle waves).
  2. Create an uneven part, taking about 80% of the hair to the side you want the braid on. The remainder will be your sultry wisps.
  3. Use the rest of your hair to create the braid. Start braiding at the nape of your neck, shifting in a diagonal to the front. 
  4. Use a color similar to your hair color to secure the braid.
  5. As always – use some shine spray to keep it glossy (my favorite is Palmers).

Do you like it enough to recreate it?

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Hayden’s Alpha Hair

MyOwnJudge - Hayden Panettiere at LondonLondon’s screening of the 3D movie, Alpha and Omega  brought out leading voice Hayden Panettiere with a furry friend in tow.

The story about two wolves trying to make their way home, stars Justin Long and Hayden Panettiere as the female and male wolf. In the beginning, they are not fans of each other at all, but the rest requires watching.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

Hayden showed up to the London premiere looking casual and super chic with all the attention on her furry date and her hair. She had on a sequin, oversized tunic, gray skinnies, neutral pumps, and a gray clutch. Everything in the outfit is blah compared to the hair.

The new haircut was old pixie cut mob news for me until I saw this ‘do. It looks as though she used gel and texturizing putty to make several strands stand out, and the rest sit by and invite the spotlight.

This hairstyle seems genius for both the quickness in which you can accomplish it, and the way it can apply to both long and short hair.
MyOwnJudge - Hayden Panettiere at London
To copy the look:

  1. Brush your your hair like normal. Brush some gel through your hair with something that hold it great like Tresemme Gel Clean Hold – Extra Hold or Tresemme Gel Mega Hold Sculpting Gel. Use it sparingly so that you don’t start looking like you are emulating the male cast from the Jersey Shore.
  2. Separate the bang area from your right side, above the outer corner of your right eye. Make it one to two inches thick so that you can split it up.
  3. Separate the remainder of hair on your right side, from the part you made, all the way down to your ear. Twist this bunch, applying some putty (I recommend Phyto Matte Texturizing Paste or Phyto Fiber Paste). Pin this piece a bit under the rest of the hair in the back so that the twist disappears flawlessly.
  4. Twist the bangs similarly as in step 3, this time separating the hair into two horizontally. Try to use the paste sparingly so that you have some softness and movement in the style. Twist it until you reach above your left ear and reach it back under the rest of the hair again.
  5. Finish the look with a bit of oil hairspray (try Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair & Scalp Conditioner Spray 5.1 oz. – it’s less than five bucks!). All the gel and putty you used is going to harden a bit, so some oil sheen on the top will soften the hair and add some natural shine.

I’m a sucker for kids movies. Remember when Happy Feet was in theaters? Yup – saw that three times in the theaters and then bought two copies on dvd. Don’t judge me! If you live with a young crumbsnatcher or are a fan of kids movies, this seems like one to check out. Hayden‘s look? I think that’s worth a re-enactment as well!

Will you be trying this hairdo?

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Thumbs up for Rihanna

Rihanna and Katy PerryRihanna was seen in Vegas partying it up with Katy Perry in honor of the Teenage Dream’s bachelorette festivities. Her red hair was finally red throughout (remember when I complained?) and in the shots of RiRi at the pool, she was sporting the cutest elastic headband.

Rihanna and Katy Perry

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

This boho look went perfect with her wavy locks, especially with some strands at the front of her face, and the other side neatly tucked away. Her bathing suit was a bit toned down for the everyday Rihanna we have come to know, but that hair seems to steal the spotlight no matter what she has on. I love the shade and have to admit not everyone can pull it off.

The bachelorette party seemed to be a hit and involved a viewing of Cirque du Soleil’s Ka (right, source: Huffington Post). I just want to know – why are there plenty guys in the party? Isn’t it an all girls boy hating club kind of get traditional get together? 🙂

Keep reading to check out some options for elastic headbands in all price ranges, and let me know how you rock your hair with em!

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Review: Yes to Carrots Hair and Scalp Mask

MOJ Review - Yes to CarrotsSometimes when I lean my head back to relax and close my eyes for a bit on the subway, when I lean forward again, sometimes the metal edges of the walls of the subway car steal a hair or two. The violation of my hair follicle always makes me grasp my head, and the area that was leaning against the wall always feels a little flatter. I know that this happens from the two objects leaning against each other, and pressure, bla bla bla. All I could really hear in my head though were my mother’s warnings to take care of my hair or risk losing it all with age.

A lot of my personality is encased in my hair. Is that weird to say? Anytime someone asks me to describe myself or how I would like to be described, ‘curly’ inches it’s way into the picture – and by all means I am not one to object. So at times when I feel like I have been neglected the curls – well it kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach. Melodramatic, maybe – but absolutely true.

My mission has become to be the ultimate caretaker of my scalp and hair. As I pay closer attention to freshness and youth retention in my skin (moisturizing, SPF, and limit sun exposure), body (exercise and eating right – though I haven’t done much of either well in a while – and you didn’t hear that from me – but I did improve on regular vitamin consumption!), and most importantly my hair and scalp, I find that there are certain measures that need to be taken to continue maintenance. You know – so that if you could compare my body to a vehicle without regular checks under the hood and maintenance, it would just sputter and give up in the middle of the road. Yaya is not giving up in the middle of the road.

Before I took to the army of products itching to be deployed to battle on the shelves of drugstores, department stores, and salons, I sought to declutter my own stash. I found my pot of Yes to Carrots hair mask from the StyleFixx Girl’s Night Out goodie bag (see what was in it here) and brought it with me to the shower.

From the site:
“C is for Hair Care – Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Mud Mask 250ml – 8.45 fl.oz

Experience gorgeous hair like never before with C is for Hair Care.
Moisturizing, softening, detangling, shining, volumizing… need we go on??

C is for Hair Care contains extracts of organic carrot, organic pumpkin & organic orange, rich with Beta-Carotene, Alpha-Carotene, Vitamin E and other enzymes that keep your locks in tip-top condition.

Key Ingredients: Extracts of organic carrot, pumpkin, orange & honey contain Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E to keep your hair moisturized and full of shine.

Instructions: Apply to towel-dried hair and massage thoroughly. Leave on for 12-15 minutes (no cheating!) and rinse with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times per week.

Tips: For maximum nourishment use twice a week, concentrating on roots and scalp.

First may I point out to the court (that’s you!) that I love things that include carrots and all sorts of other natural ingredients. I like stuff that I have heard was good for you since I was able to understand. I remember when my grandma used to lovingly force-feed me (I was a stubborn child) baby carrots and slices of apples. She would say this one is for mommy, etc. Then she would tell me there were a thousand vitamins in the fruits. Yep. Grandma Yaya made a good sell.

Let me also bring attention to the fact that after I shower I don’t like to walk around with a mask full of product only to go back in to wash it out. So I cheat just a bit. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, brush it out, rinse, and then turn off the shower. Then I put on the Yes to Carrots mask in my hair, cover my hair with a shower cap (it’s more for making sure that my hair won’t sneak into my eyes or stick to my back like a wet sock) and continue with other duties like scrubbing my legs, shaving, doing a facial scrub, sometimes even dancing (but careful – the floor is wet). Then I turn the shower back on, wash away my face scrub, soap up, and once all that is done, I remove the shower cap and wash away the mask.

This might have affected my results with the product, but I can tell ya it still does a good job. I don’t know if I would call it a mask, because it feels like a short spout of deep conditioning. The mask smells awfully good (I wouldn’t mind a lotion with that smell) and is creamy – so don’t expect it to come out in glops or to dry up your head like dried mud. It definitely makes my hair feel softer and my scalp more moisturized after use, but to be perfectly honest, I also don’t see it making any miracles happen. 

Something else to consider? After several uses of the mask (twice a week as prescribed – I follow directions sometimes!) and using my Hydroveil scalp oil before I leave, my scalp may not be in need of a miracle. For everyone who has hair that requires higher than average maintenance like mine, it is understood that you don’t leave your hair to fend for itself. You tend to it on a regular basis or pay the consequences.

I really like this hair treatment and recommend it for people who would like to continue to maintain conditioning their hair with a treatment once or twice a week. Have a super dry scalp and super dry hair? You might need to invest in a scalp oil for every day application at first, but this would be a great buy too. I guess for cases that require more attention and more of a miracle, this would be step two as opposed to step one. Make no doubt about it though – this baby is no slouch.

The Yes to Carrots line of products is sold in drugstores and online for $12.99 (for a full list of locations, click here).

Have you ever tried a hair mask?

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