Eyeko NOTD

MyOwnJudgeI’m dedicating the weekend to spend as much time to catching up with product reviews, photo uploads, and videos as I possibly can. The weekend contains tentative plans to attend the Circle of Sisters at the Javits Center and setting up my mom with some nice lashes and a wig (oh yes, the woman is going to a costume party as I await Trick or Treat requests!).

I’ve been heinously behind in getting back to people on time, keeping up with a schedule and even cleaning the house. It’s beyond terrible! But enough about me.

After reviewing my cache of photos yet to be uploaded, I found a sorry sight. Why didn’t y’all scream at me with a collective yell yet? My Eyeko triple color debut has had only one NOTD for the longest time, and the other two were sitting in a folder awaiting their debut. Check out the other two that make the set complete.MyOwnJudgePetite Polish is a pretty and clean natural color. The only thing not to like about it is the sheerness. The top photo is the polish with flash and the above is without flash and what it looks like regularly. I like these types of colors because they have a way of making nails look dainty and clean without needing to do much work.
MyOwnJudge MyOwnJudgeTea Rose Polish is the kind of pink I usually don’t purchase. It’s a little too close to the safe side for me. Perfect for working in the office, or the gal who isn’t friends with neons and pastels. Nothing is wrong with that, it’s just, that’s not me. The photo on the left is with flash and the right is without. The photo on the right (and below) is how the color looks generally, and you have to be in some bright rooms or streets to catch a glimpse of the left. I wish it came off more like the color under flash.

This color applied much better than the Petite Polish and became opaque in two coats.MyOwnJudgeDrying time for both polishes was decent. Not too fast and not too slow. An average 10-20 minute wait depending on the amount of coats applied.

What’s on your nails?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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