Scarf It Down

Nothing welcomes in a cold front like a piece of fabric around your neck. I’m a huge fan of ombre colors and pashminas every shade of the rainbow. My recent interest in knitting and crochet has also added to the scarf maze. My new goal? A pretty cowl, or infinity scarf.

There are different variations available, from the chunkiest knits for warmth, to the thinnest strands to replace a necklace. If you want to wrap it around your neck more than once, make sure that when trying on, it measures around your neck to your waist on both the right and left side at least.

How about if you want to put the scarf under your outfit and utilize it for it’s optimal warmth qualities? If using a scarf that can wrap (as opposed to a cowl), flatten out the ends into your sweater or blazer. This acts as an extra layer on your torso and adds quite a bit of warmth.

If you’re toting a scarf for just in case purposes, there’s always the option of wrapping it around yourself like a diva (I love the look!) over any outfit. From T-shirts to peacoats, a scarf on top never looks bad. Check out the look above for the different styles, and as always, clicking on the image brings you to the retailer.

What’s your scarf style?

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