Rock Star Mani

As promised (although a little while back), the Revlon out of this world colors have made it to my nails. After a long awaited pause for my nails to quit their whining and regain a healthy look, I can finally wear colors and show you (otherwise, I just wear twenty colors at a time and refrain from photographs!). I have been trying to change them up every few days, because a major clean of the house is in order, and every time I seem to take on that project, I say farewell to my nails.MyOwnJudge MyOwnJudgeRock is a very attractive creamy purple. Purples in a bright consistency without any false shimmer to it (you know – when the bottle looks purple, but on the nail it looks more metallic?) are the best polishes to own. A natural purple is also hard to achieve, as many just get darker and look more vampy unless in direct sunlight.
MyOwnJudge MyOwnJudgeHere, Star is layered above the Rock polish. It contains different sizes of glitters, but is a little difficult to get an even coating of confetti and glitter on a nail. When using, you end up applying far too many coats to have the desired amount of glitter on your nails. Regardless though, the duo looks great to me.MyOwnJudge

What does your Rock Star mani look like?

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One thought on “Rock Star Mani”

  1. Wow now that's funny, as I'm currently wearing Rock on my nails LOL! I love it, it's such a gorgeous purple – not to mention it's the only purple nail polish I own. I love how you layered it with glitters (=


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