One of a Kind Show

MyOwnJudgeThis weekend and last weekend, New York is home to the One of a Kind Show. A venue for creative minds and artists to come together and display their creations to collector’s and unique individuals alike. Last weekend, scheduling and mush for brains got in my way of reporting about the event much. I mixed up the times, had only fifteen minutes (out of four days – don’t ask me how I do it) to check out as much as possible, and no camera to do it with (although I brought the darn charger!). I vowed to come back better prepared this time around, with enough time for the readers to check it out themselves.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeFestive ornaments, bookmarks, paperweights, or just something pretty was available from Vilmain.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeThe most pleasing part of the event was the unity of all the presenters aesthetically. Regardless of what kind of craft was being showcased, everyone remained within white walls and hallways. It offered a very clean passageway from one precious item to the other, without wasting time or money on curtains, posters, etc. This also helped for the items to stand out and catch your attention (and to not get lost).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeJewelry and sculpture (though they can sometimes be synonymous) were the two prevalent types of products at the show, the first being what caught my eye the most. These pure stone rings by Anna Ruth Henriques were breathtaking. Not only are they skillfully made, but these are pure rock (minus the itty bitty spider). Different ones are made from different stones and retail for just a wee bit under a thousand (with a much cheaper price for show-goers of course).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeDoes the quote call for agreement or disagreement? The resting area featured couches and chalkboard walls, where vendors and visitors alike seemed to embrace their inner children (or artists).MyOwnJudgeI was tempted to take an easel or a print home, but I had to remind myself that until my living area is free of clutter, I have to refrain from big purchases – hopefully I’ll get it together by next year.MyOwnJudgeThere is a table for gift wrapping, being that the holidays are around the corner and there are so many innovative holiday gift items on sale. Check out the rest of the artists on the floor plan here.

There is a section to the show featuring all the sponsors of the event, including Susan G. Komen, ReadyMade Magazine, Etsy and others.
MyOwnJudgeYou can choose to purchase a card, or make a card, where all proceeds of the sale will go to benefit breast cancer research.MyOwnJudgeReadyMade offers creative tips on how to decorate your house and be green at the same time. They have three tree decorations that anyone can make (and I will attempt and place on YouTube shortly).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeAnother sponsor was Sierra Mist. A favorite of mine because they quenched my thirst (and Rogue confections for keeping my belly full of chocolate).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeAnother favorite was Pébéo. They had their porcelain paints available for people to create ornaments.MyOwnJudgeEveryone picked a heart and went to work, using brights and glitters to make their own unique ornament. Some designs were way fancier than mine, but I got a little sentimental and did a dedication to the Mister. The paint can be washed off if any errors are made, and when you feel ready, you have to first let the paint dry for a day or so and then bake it to secure the color. Voila! The paint will now be permanent.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeOnce dry, you can hang up your ornament to dry and come back to pick up, or wait.MyOwnJudge
These ornaments hanging to dry were my favorite. Made me think Betsey Johnson was in the building!

Now it’s your turn! Are you on the East coast? Can you make it to this show this Saturday or Sunday? (11/20-21)? If so, the first five to leave their e-mail address in the comment will get a free ticket to the show!

If not, do not fret, the show will make its rounds in Toronto, Vancouver, and Chicago as well. Check out the site for details.

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