Tom Ford SS 2011

MyOwnJudgeThe magazine rush to be the first name to cover the secretive and small Tom Ford presentation of his Spring/Summer 2011 collection was probably epic. The designer closed off all cameras and video sources from his presentation and only wanted the bigwigs to attend. Ford complained that the industry and shows became too instant, that one second you create something, and the next there are fifty million posts, tweets, and comments about it. MyOwnJudgeTechnological advancement is definitely the foundation to this blessing and curse. The costs can become cheaper to produce a show and add a live feed for the public, as well as reach a larger audience than the limitations of seats and architecture. Then again, some people most certainly miss the days of covering a show and anticipating it’s review appearing in print days later rather than minutes. Some may argue that it keeps the event special. Though I can agree about the validity of the concerns, I can also say it’s pleasant to be involved in the goings on of events and presentations outside of getting a magazine in the mail, proclaiming which items are hot and which are not. As an aspiring media member, it also feels equally as special to have the doors magically move aside and let you in for a closer peek, so that you may give yet another spin on what the trends are, and what’s hot.MyOwnJudgeVogue tied the race as the first to feature the collection shots online and in print (their December issue), whereas the draw’s other half is Harper’s Bazaar UK, with photos from the actual presentation. Both are surefire hits, and definite selling points as well.

Your verdict?

Photo Credit: Photos 1 and 2 Steven Meisel for Vogue, Photo 3 Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar UK

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