Sally Hansen Problem Child

MyOwnJudgeThis is a story all about how… yours truly walked into a drugstore (Duane Reade) and failed to leave empty handed yet again. My new indulgence? Two colors that caught my eye for different reasons.

Sally Hansen‘s Problem Child is a purple creamy pearl shade (make sense?) with a slight black and metallic overtone. The best part are the gold flecks swimming around the bottle. Touch of Mink was a must as the new addition to my gray/brown family. The color just looks so darn smooth.MyOwnJudgeI could have a photo shoot with just the bottle.MyOwnJudgeAfter complete and utter joy at swatching the first shade (and thus a plea to ignore the lack of signs of a cleanup by the cuticles), I found that the gold flecks, though visible, are more clear under intense inspection, but rather hidden and secretive – a bit like a hallucination moment from afar.

Added any new colors to your collection?

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